Dragons of the World Unite!

Greetingssz! My name iz Calcifer and I am StormJewel’s baby pet dragon. You may have seen me lazing on the fireplace of her shop, or if I am feeling mischevious waiting on a chair so that an unsuspecting visitor may feel my flame on their behind! Jusst kidding! My mistress wouldn’t let me do that even if I could and at the moment I’m still a bit little to breathe fire! Anyway I told mum that there jusst wazn’t enough Dragon Stuff going on here, so she has written an article about my cousins from around the world, plus shows you some pictures from Dragon Tarot cards and my favourite items in her store – the Dragon Figurines. So if you want to learn more about us wonderful dragon creatures – click here . Farewell for now – come visit me soon and bring some chilli firebball sweets, my fave!

thanks to Daniela Kufner for this image
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More icy beauty from Jack Frost!

Well I’m looking out of my window and it seems strange that I can see green grass after being so used to the snow!

Yes as those in England will know, we are back to rain rain rain, so its too late for any snowflake pics now!  But the temperature looks as though it will still fall below freezing sometime next week, so there is time to get some beautiful icy pics.

Been looking at some stock photos that show the beauty of Antartica and I would like to share them with you.

You can see more of the authors’ photos here and here

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The wonderful beauty of Mother Nature in Snowflakes

The wonderful beauty of Mother Nature

In the UK at the moment we are experiencing more snow than I have seen for years! As you might expect it’s very cold and I’m a summer creature, but it is beautiful too.  I discovered these gorgeous pictures of snow flakes here and there is a link to someone telling you how to photograph your own snowflake, so people in the UK (and anywhere else with snow of course!), nows the time to get snapping!


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Free Wicca Money Spell

Want to increase the flow of abundance in your life? Then take a look at my free money spell, with details of all the supplies you’ll need, the words to say and how to say them!

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Learn how to make a Wiccan or Pagan altar

Wicca Pagan Altar
Wicca Pagan Altar (Photo credit: dragonoak)

An Altar or Sacred Place is a great way to show your devotion to the god and goddess and any other deities or special times of the year you would like to venerate and celebrate.

You can use it to keep your magickal and ritual items on, and it’s a great place to retreat to for some meditation, or to do a spot of candle magick for instance.

As with so much in the Pagan faith, everything you choose for your altar is up to you but I’m going to give you some suggestions and explain the significances of certain ritual items, and the elemental correspondences.

Many of the things for your altar you can get at home or in nature, or make yourself but if you want to buy certain things you can head over to my shop as you will find everything you need, including coloured candles, athames, chalices, mini cauldrons, bells and much more.

I’ve created a Hub Page that has what you need to know to make this sacred space.

Find out how to make your own Pagan or Wiccan Altar and all the supplies you need here.

Enjoy and Blessed Be!  StormJewel x

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Learn how to read tarot cards

With my best selling Tarot Box now out of print and no confirmed date of when they will be back in stock, I needed to look for an alternative for those wishing to learn the ancient art of the tarot. Happily I have found a brilliant alternative – The Tarot Discovery Kit and DVD. It contains beautifully illustrated and easy to use cards, a satin bag to keep them in, a full colour helpful book plus a DVD with meditations and other videos to get you reading the cards like a pro in no time!

You may wish to get a deck you feel a particular affinity with, such as something with dragons, mermaids, egyptian or forest themed for instance.  This can sometimes be more of a challenge, especially if the author has used some artistic license with some of the imagery, but on the other hand if you really like a deck it can help you connect with the cards and intuitively grasp the meanings (with a little help from a good book!)

If you are looking for a good book to help you learn then I strongly recommend Step-by-Step Tarot by Terry Donaldson. Check out the shop to get more details about this excellent resource for learning the tarot. Thanks for reading and Blessed Be! x StormJewel

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Free tarot card readings!

So you’re interested in learning to read tarot cards, or just learning a bit more about the tarot? Why not try a free online reading, and whilst you are at it check what else your future has in store with a free horoscope.  If all else fails maybe try my magic fate ball!

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Winter Solstice Sale Now on!

Yes there is a 15% discount off all products, get your pagan gifts and supplies, new age and psychic stuff, tarot cards plus beautiful mystical jewellery all with a big fat happy solstice discount! at

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Free Magick Online Games

Take a look at my great free online magick games

Perfect for for a spare bit of time whether at home or at work, or when you just want to immerse yourself in a magickal world! There’s a great adventure game, an entertaining rpg game with bejewelled style combat, and a fun Magick Puzzle Game. Take a look!

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Learn about the Green Man

Who is the Green Man?

Green Man JewelleryThe GreenMan is that spirit, energy, presence, inherent in every cell of the vegetative realm, and transmitted to the animal/human realms through the foods we eat, the flowers we smell, the trees we hug. he is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth being reborn anew each spring.

Although the Green man is today commonly associated with Paganism, in many ways he transcends any one religion as you will find his symbolism used in many cultures and religions around the world. The Green Man motif has many different faces and variations and is often related to natural vegetative deities springing up in different cultures throughout the ages. He has been found on tombs as long ago as the 2nd Century and he can also be seen in medieval and ancient myths, from the Green Knight of the Arthurian legends to Robin Hood. Some of the earliest Green Men have been traced to ancient Rome.

A good search of many churches and cathedrals will often lead you to discover a carving of a human head within a mass of leaves. Sometimes, the leaves appear to grow out of the head itself; at other times the human head seems to be a chance result of the configuration of the leaves.

I’ve got some lovely Green man products in my shop

A beautiful Green Man Pendant that can be used to help to raise planetary energy for spell workings, or simply as a gorgeous piece of jewellery. You can take it to a green area like a forest or park and meditate with it in your hand or around your neck.

A stunning Green Man Altar Cloth or wall covering depicting the Green Man in his verdant foliate form. A delightful muted green in colour, the celtic knotwork and oak leaves designs on its surface take on greater significance as you place your altar item in harmony with its swirling markings or use it to decorate your wall.


What is Ogham?

Many experts believe that the Ogham was a symbolic system used by the Druids containing their sacred teachings.  Theirs was an oral tradition and each of the letters contained certain teachings as well as a Mystery (or several that were all related).  You can find many examples of Ogham letters carved onto trees around England and Ireland.

Today many people use Ogham for divination, often carving the symbols onto sticks. I recently did a tree energy workshop, working with willow, and got to carve the Ogham symbol into my talisman of willow!

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