How to create a spell that works – cast Pagan, Magick & Wicca Spells

Spells, like many things in life are the kind of thing where the more you put in the more you put out. The power from your intent is what makes the spell work, but by having the right Wiccan or Pagan supplies, or magick accessories, such as candles and incense in the correct colours and fragrances, you can focus your intent and make the spell much more powerful.

There is no set formula to create the perfect spell, whether you are a Wiccan, pagan or other magick user, its important to go with intuition and be creative.

In this free handy guide about how to do a spell, there are plenty of tips to give you inspiration, I’ll tell you some of the best ways I’ve found to cast a spell and how to make them work!

Firstly pick a day of the week to do your spell on, different days of the week have different significations.  As with any of these steps if you haven’t got a choice of what day to do it on, it doesn’t matter, just follow as many of the steps as you can.


Spell Kits to save you time and money
Spell Kits to save you time and money


Significances for Days of the week:



  • Colour: Yellow & gold

  • Planet: Sun

  • Metal: Gold

  • Deities: Brighid, Helios,Ra

  • Gemstones: Quartz crystal, diamond, amber, carnelian

  • Herbs & Plants:Marigold, sunflower, cinnamon

  • Associations: Agriculture, beauty, hope, victory, self-expression and creativity.




  • Colour: Silver, white,light blue

  • Planet: Moon

  • Metal: Silver

  • Deities: Thoth, Selene

  • Gemstones: Pearl, opal,moonstone

  • Herbs & Plants:Wintergreen and other mints, catnip, comfrey, sage, chamomile

  • Associations: Childbearing and family life, purity and virginity, healing, wisdom, intuition




  • Colour: Red and orange

  • Planet: Mars

  • Metal: Iron

  • Deities: Lilith, Mars, Aries, the Morrighan

  • Gemstones: Garnets, ruby

  • Herbs & Plants: Thistles, holly, coneflower, cactus

  • Associations: War and conflict, enemies, initiation, marriage and protection




  • Colour: Purple

  • Planet: Mercury

  • Metal: Mercury (Quicksilver)

  • Deities: Odin, Hermes,Mercury, Athena, Lugh

  • Gemstones: Adventurine, agate

  • Herbs & Plants: Aspentrees, lilies, lavender, ferns

  • Associations: Business and job-related issues, communication, loss and debt, traveling and journeys




  • Colour: Royal blues, greens

  • Planet: Jupiter

  • Metal: Tin

  • Deities: Thor, Zeus, Jupiter, Juno

  • Gemstones: Turquoise, amethyst, lapis lazuli

  • Herbs & Plants:Honeysuckle, oak trees, cinquefoil

  • Associations: Honor and family loyalty, harvests, clothing and riches, fealty




  • Colour: Pink, aqua/blue-green

  • Planet: Venus

  • Metal: Copper

  • Deities: Freya, Venus, Aphrodite

  • Gemstones: Coral, emerald, rose quartz

  • Herbs & Plants: Strawberries, apple blossoms, feverfew

  • Associations: Family life and fertility, sexuality, harmony, friendship, growth




  • Colour: Black, dark purple

  • Planet: Saturn

  • Metal: Lead

  • Deities: Saturn, Hecate

  • Gemstones: Apache tear,obsidian, hematite

  • Herbs & Plants: Thyme,mullein, cypress

  • Associations: Agriculture and creativity, fortune and hope, protection and banishment of negativity


Crystals and Gemstones

If possible get some gemstones or crystals for the spell, crystals are powerful objects that can really help you to focus your energies and increase the power in your spell.

By holding one in your hand whilst concentrating on sending and receiving energy between you and the crystal, you can create a powerful object and great assistance for your Pagan, Wiccan or other Magick spell.

Mixed Bag of Crystals and Tumbled Gemstones
Mixed Bag of Crystals and Tumbled Gemstones

Take a look at my specialized crystal pendants that are useful as talismans and charms. These crystal pendants are made for different purposes such as helping your career, love life, finances and even health. Crystal pendants are good lucky charms that you can wear wherever you go! Come and take a look.


Moon and Lunar cycles

Next you need to see what the cycle of the moon is, as the way you create and write a spell depends on whether the moon is waxing or waning.

If the moon is on the wane (i.e. getting smaller) then spells that will work best are banishing ones, so if your spell is for health, you would focus on creating a spell (especially with regards to words and visualisations) that is banishing away ill health. You may imagine the band health coming out of you and being dissolved into the atmosphere. (Make sure you do banish it away you don’t want that negative energy to harm anyone)

If for instance you were doing a love spell when the moon was waning you might banish those things that were stopping you from finding love, like lack of confidence or nerves. If the moon was in the waxing phase – ie getting bigger you would try and use attraction principles, e.g. attract beauty to you or attract situations for you to meet the perfect person, and of course attracting love!

(importantonly do love spells to find love, not to hold someone to you or attract them – no matter how much you want that person if the spell goes against their will you will both end up very unhappy! Trust me on this one!!)

If the moon is waxing (ie getting bigger) you want to think in terms of attracting things into your life, be it happiness, confidence to help you meet someone new abundance, a new job or whatever.

If you quickly want to know what phase the moon is at and when it will be a full moon or a new moon, (which means when the moon is barely visible, at its smallest point.) you can. Check out this page to see the correct phases of the moon.

The moon power is strongest at the time of the full and new moon so these times are ideal for a spell..


Spell Colour

Ok so you know what day you are doing the spell on and what type of magick to use (attracting or banishing)

Next you need to pick the colour that most associated with the type of spell you are doing:

White – Healing, Purity, Spirituality, Truth and Peace

Yellow – Intellectualism, Memory and Creativity

Orange – Ambition, Career and Matters involving the Law

Red – Energy, Strength, Courage, Lust & Sexual Potency

Dusky Pink – Romance & Sensuality

Pink – Love, Affection and Romance

Lilac – Inner Healling, Calmness & Tranquility

Purple – Spiritual Power, Psychic ability and third eye Magic

Blue – Inspiration, Occult Wisdom and devotion

Light Blue – Intuition, Meditation, Peace & Harmony

Light Green – Good Luck, Social Delights and Fertility

Green – Prosperity, Abundance, Money, Healing

Brown – Protection of Animals, Earth Magick, Stability, Nurturing & Grounding.

Beige – Contacting Animal Totems, Vision Quest

Silver/Grey– Clairvoyance, Astral energy and Intuition

Black – Protection, Binding, Reversing hexes


You can use this colour to pick your candles, the clothes you wear and any accessories for the spell – the more of these things you gather, the more potent your spell will be!

Gazing at candles can be great for doing a meditation to focus your mind and concentrate your powers. Wearing the right clothes can help get you in the mood!

Herbs and Incense for Spells

Smells are an exceptionally powerful way of invoking different states of being in a person, hence why aromatherapy is a proven way of healing, easing and helping with things like anxiety and sleeping. Smells like Ylang Ylang are sensual and ideal for a love spell, Lavender is excellent for calming nerves.

See the link below for a few more a full list of the powers of herbs:

Here’s a great link for the magickal properties of incense:

Take things from nature where possible, oils are absolutely fine too and great to put in a burner – use soapstone for best effect!  Why not take some herbs from the garden or your local supermarket. Dried herbs can be used as well, mixing them perhaps with holy water and anointing yourself.


Writing the Spell

OK so you’ve got all your ingredients, now you need the words. Ideally writing your own spells is best as it puts more effort in and you get more power out. Plus you can tailor it exactly to your needs, and choose which Godlessness, Gods, Spirits and other deities and elements you wish to invoke.

Try meditating in front of a candle and lighting some incense to inspire you. But if you really feel you don’t want to, or you’d like to get inspiration from an existing spell, check out my spell kits. These are great also if you don’t have time to collect the necessary ingredients as it comes all in one handy pack!

If you are wanting to do a spell for prosperity, take a look at my free Wicca money spell!


Magick Symbols for Spells

Pagan, Wicca, or even Buddhist, Celtic and Viking symbols can be a great way to hone your energies in a spell. Pick a symbol you feel an affinity with and maybe print out a picture of it, or even buy yourself a symbol you particularly like, send the energies of the spell into it and then wear it for a week to increase spell potency. Take a look at various Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Celtic  mystical & magickal symbols & more here

Congrats your almost ready to perform your spell!

Finally: Don’t forget to add a line to the spell for safety like,

“The Spell is done, And it shall harm none!”


Beautiful Pentagram


Good luck in your spell creating!

Just want to do a simple spell? Why not take a look at my Candle Magick Spell Guide

As always, everything I write is just a guide, do what feels right to you! I welcome any thoughts or additions so please add your comments!

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