Learn More About Chakras

The human body is said to run on energy or is made up of pure energy. Thus in the human body itself lies seven energy points called chakras. These points are energy centers that send out signals through out the body in order to put it into motion and balance.

The seven chakras line up starting from the bottom of your spine all the way to the top of your head. They are also made up of seven colors much like the rainbow itself. Each point corresponds to a vital human thought and will such as survival, emotions, will power, love, communication, psychic abilities and wisdom. If any of these energy centers are blocked, it causes the other chakras to be over active or be under active, thus causing the body pain and illness and the mind turmoil and suffering.

The Seven Chakras

In many religions and in many schools of thought, chakras are given many different names. But they all boil down to energy flow in the mind, body and spirit. Understanding how each chakra works will help you balance them and make them work to their full potential.

Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine, at the tailbone

Color: Red

Element: Earth
Mantra: LAM (Laaaammm)

Energy Center of: Survival and stability

Cause of Blockages: Fear

Blockage Result: Fearfulness, back pain, arthritic pain, anxiety, loss of grounding, weight loss

Over activity: Obesity, materialism, controlling behavior

The Root Chakra, being the base chakra is the foundation for the stability and proper flow of energy in the body. When the root chakra is blocked fear results which causes anxiety and being worried all the time. Physical manifestations include back and limb pain and stiffness.

The Root Chakra also connects us to Mother Earth and it’s bounties. We need to invoke the spirit of the Earth in order to call balance into our Root Chakra. Activities such massage, acupuncture and yoga can help balance this point. Meditation is vital for it to function well.

Sacral Chakra

Location: Near the pubic bone, about two inches below the navel

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Mantra: VAM (Vaaaaam)

Energy Center of: Sexuality, creativity and emotions

Cause of Blockages: Guilt and sexual suppression

Blockage Result: Impotence, lack of libido, bladder and kidney issues, painful periods.

Over activity: Sexual addiction, vanity, clingyness, having erratic emotions.

The sacral chakra being related to our feelings of pleasure and sexuality as well as guilt is vital in order for us to function well. When the root chakra is unable to run well, it causes a person to feel distaste for sex or feel guilty about it. When we are children this chakra normally determines who we become as adults. Back then many parents also try to repress energies coming from this point. Over repression of the sacral energy may cause a passive aggressive tendencies. Many psychological disorders are rooted to imbalance in this energy point.

The Sacral Chakra is a fluid source of energy and thus water helps it be balanced. Salt baths and bathing in hot springs can help charge this chakra. Engaging in a balanced sexual activity that evokes happiness and pleasure can help the person as well to put this point in tune.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Abdominal area, about three inches about the navel.

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Mantra: RAM (Raaaaam)

Energy Center of: Will power, energy and metabolism

Cause of Blockages: Shame, improper diet

Blockage Result: Lack of will power and motivation, poor body image, sluggishness, indigestion, constipation and stomach pains

Over activity: Arrogance, inability to keep still, aggression, need for control, diarrhea, overeating

The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for the balance of our energy, drive and motivation. It helps us work well even under pressure and cope with different life situations. A balanced Solar Plexus allows a person to grow with age with acceptance with his or her body. He is able to focus on his work and feel motivated. He is also energetic and can engage in physical activity.

On the other hand, when this center is blocked, the person can experience physical symptoms like stomach problems as well as psychological issues such as stress and inability to concentrate with work. In order to balance this chakra the element of fire is needed. Eating warm food that warms up the body is needed. Exposing the body to heat such as going to the sauna is also advantageous. Mentally, doing sports and other challenging activities can help this chakra be more open.

Heart Chakra

Location: In the middle of your chest.

Color: Green

Element: Air

Mantra: YAM (Yaaaaam)

Energy Center of: Love, relationships, trust and body circulation

Cause of Blockages: Grief, sorrow and not getting enough oxygen

Blockage Result: Depression, melancholy, bitterness, apathy difficulty breathing and having heart ailments.

Over activity: Clingyness, jealousy, suspicion, high blood pressure and palpitations.

The Heart Chakra governs our feeling of kindness, love, care and compassion to others. It is the seat that pushes us to help those who are in need whether we know them or not. It is also the center that allows us to have selfless relationships which are healthy and thriving.

On the other hand, the heart chakra is one of the most fallible chakra sites. If mixed with negative energies it can a drive a person to be overly bitter, resentful, self centered and hateful. This can also result in being detached from others and being aloof.

Many health issues also stem from having emotional and mental blockages in the heart chakra. High blood pressure and heart problems are the most common issues that result from over or under activity of the heart. To make the heart chakra work better, breathing exercises such as yoga and qi gong are needed to promote a balance in both mind and body.

Throat Chakra

Location: In the middle of your neck, right where your vocal cords are.

Color: Blue

Element: Sound

Mantra: HAM (Haaaaam)

Energy Center of: Communication

Cause of Blockages: Lies, excessive smoking, smoking

Blockage Result: Low self esteem, inability to convey thoughts and emotions to words, poor body rhythm

Over activity: Arrogance, difficulty listening to others, stuttering and sore throats

The Throat Chakra helps us express our thoughts, feeling and emotions into words. The spoken word is very powerful. It can heal or would, build or destroy. One of the most amazing human capabilities is the gift of speech.

In order to balance the throat chakra meditative singing and chanting is needed. This would allow proper vibrations to flow into the energy points. The use of herbal cures such as ginger can also provide the warmth your throat chakra needs. Consuming too much sweets can also hinder it from functioning well.

Third Eye Chakra

Location: Between your eyebrows, in the lower middle part of your forehead

Color: Purple

Element: Light

Mantra: AUM (Ahhhhh ooooohhhh mmmmmm)

Energy Center of: Intuition and imagination, psychic abilities

Cause of Blockages: Illusion, lack of sleep, stress

Blockage Result: Nightmares, sleeplessness, poor eye sight, head aches

Over activity: Too much daydreaming, hallucinations, headaches, lack of focus

The Third Eye Chakra is the area responsible for our psychic abilities. Everyone has precognitive capabilities such as the ability to sense things in our dreams, in our gut feeling or in de javu. This also allows us to sense impending danger to forewarn us.

When the Third Eye Chakra is running well, you can enjoy good sleep, no nightmares, concentration at work and the ability to have good imagination. This energy point is very sensitive to light and dark signals such as from day and night. In order for it to function well, you need to have proper sleep and feel rested when you get tired. If you are unable to sleep well for days, weeks or months this part is normally blocked and vice versa can be blocked.

If you are suffering from sleeping problems, acupuncture and massage as well meditation can help you achieve that much needed sleep.

Crown Chakra

Location: On the very top of your head

Color: Indigo

Element: Thought

Mantra: ANG (aaaaannngggg)

Energy Center of: Spirituality, thought and wisdom

Cause of Blockages: Attachment (material, people, beliefs)

Blockage Result: Materialism, lack of morals and beliefs, lack of spirituality, headaches, anxiety, fear

Over activity: Over spirituality and lack of humanity, spiritual addiction, over intellectuality, confusion

The Crown Chakra is the source of thought and is the head of all the other chakras. It drives you to be sensible at all times. It is charged with wisdom and truth. It seeks truth. In order to balance the crown chakra, spiritual practices are needed. Meditation is much needed to communicate with the Universe. When you learn to let go and allow the crown chakra to focus on goodness and universal truth, then you can help it to blossom

The Crown Chakra also helps you manage your life beyond death and the life before you were ever born in this lifetime. It helps you know what you need to resolve in your past lives. If you truly want peace, you must clear this point in order to find that.

Learning about your chakras allow you to tune them and give them the healing they deserve. The chakras are much like flowers in your body, if they are overly exposed they die, if they are unexposed they die too. You may learn to balance them and tune them well in order for you to live happy and healthy. You mind, body and spirit calls you to attain that balance.

Simple and Easy Ways to Meditate Through Your Day

Meditation is best thing you can do to clear your head and feel better in a stressful day. It can make things easier to take and managable. Even if you have a ton of worries, being able to tune into your spirit allows you to focus and have the strength to continue on. Meditation also helps you curb your desire to break down and go mad or curse and even go amok. When you meditate, you center yourself and you allow your mind and soul to be one. You are able to bottle all the happy moments and use them in the tough and challenging times. And by this you can use the experiences you’ve had from the tough times you have survived into being strong enough to withstand any storm.

But how do we meditate if life is constantly bombarding us with deadlines and things to do and finish? How do we a lot the time and energy to meditating if you barely have time to sleep and let your mind wander? Well meditation does not have to take so much time. It may require conscious effort to be one with your breath but you may seek out the peace of your heart in many simple ways.

Do Five Minute Meditations

Well I know sparing five minutes of your very, very busy and hectic day is more than you can take, but trust me it is well worth it. This five minute retreat can make a difference from you being an evil psycho to a less psychotic more positive person. I know what you might be thinking “I barely have time to sleep or even watch TV and I will a lot five minutes to sitting there doing nothing?”. I know right? But you know YOU ARE IMPORTANT. And making some time for you is very important. Your mind deserves that pause button so much. If you keep your mind and body always on the go and if you don’t take the time out to pause and meditate you might find yourself breaking down.

What if you’re the other sort of person who probably lets the day slip by and just chill and relax and does not get so stressed out? Well, good for you! But you can still benefit from closing your eyes and allowing positive energy flow into your mind and body; a time to cleanse out your soul. Even if you are already chill, you would still need to consolidate your thoughts and energize your spirit to keep your peace going even during tough or easy times.

So How?

Typically people would say to sit down and relax to ease your mind. I know that sitting in a lotus pose is very good way to allow the good vibrations go in. This is something you do while listening to meditative music like singing bowls or mantra music.

1. Sit in a lotus pose with your back straight and your eyes closed. Put your hands on your lap or in a prayer pose.

2. Put on those earphones or go to a quiet room.

3. Set an intention for this meditation. Do you want to take peace in? Have a happiness? Be strong? Try to focus on that word and allow your mind to drift into thoughts associated with these intention. Visualize it.

4. You can do this for as short as five minutes or longer if you have more time.

5. Try to do it every day as you wake up or every night before you sleep and you will feel the difference

But What If You Still Can’t do This?

So now comes the part of the easy to incorporate meditation. I’m not saying that you should forget about traditional meditation because that has MANY benefits but you may try these other stuff to help you if you’re too time pressed.

1. Meditate in the shower – I know you might be thinking about your work while you try to shower as quickly as you can, but you can try to squeeze a few minutes to healing your soul and spirit. Just like the steps above except for the sitting part, you still find peace while you shower. Try to play some music. Free your thoughts and just be into with your body. Feel the water as it cascades on your body. Allow this to remind you of freedom and peace.

2. You can do it while you commute – I know that traffic can really bother your or standing on the train can really be irritating if you are wearing four inch heels but you can still use this time to stay peaceful and positive. You can pop on your earphones, and then zone into a peaceful place in your heart. You can think about nothing just let your mind drift with the music or you can make an intention in an area where you want to grow. Do you want to be more patient at work? Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to just be happy with everyday life? You can think of these while you travel to work.

3. Buy a snow globe or make one – I know that you think that this is probably for older women or for too sentimental men and women but it’s not. Looking at the specs of glitter floating up and then down can be very relaxing for your you. Just shaking and looking at a snow globe for a minute can really make you feel more refreshed and relaxed. If you don’t have an actual snow globe, why not just get one of those mason jars or like recycle an old mayo jar and fill it water and glitter. Around five parts water and one part glitter should do the trick. If you get a bit stressed or you just want to ease your mind, try giving it a bit of a shake and see the glitters come up and then slowly go down.

4. Give yourself a little massage – You may be aching from crouching in front of the PC all day and dread your deadline that is looming in, so why not give yourself a little massage? I know you might be on crunch time but giving yourself just three minutes to soothe your aching back muscles will work wonders for your productivity and stress levels. You can bring a small salve like Vicks Vapor rub or your own rub (don’t use oil if you are in the office, that would be too messy). I know that you may think that people will smell you but this can really help you ease your mind. Concentrate on the small strokes your doing as you rub your temples or your shoulders.

5. Allow your mind to zone out while you exercise – I know you might be trying to make yourself go the extra squat or push up and willing your mind to do it, but you can allow your mind zone out and just allow your body to do the work. You can allow your mind just to just drift and relax your soul. Exercise can be pretty meditative and it gives you loads of positive energy after the workout.

6. Savor your food – You may be always in hurry to gulp down your meals that you for forget how delicious and nourishing your food is. Try eating alone once in a while. Chew your food slowly and notice every taste that you have in your mouth. Think about thoughts you associate with each taste. Breathe as you eat and chew. Drink more water. Do this once in a while and you might enjoy having your lunch breaks more.

7. Do some deep breathing before you sleep – You may just be too exhausted from a whole day of working or doing chores or studying but you can really help your mind and body relax by doing a hundred deep breaths before you sleep. This will only take you more or less two minutes but it can really help you remove some bad vibrations from your mind and body. Deep breathing promotes oxygen in your brain that gives you better sleep. If you sleep better then you can have a better day next day!

These small acts of meditation can really help you cope with the stresses of life. You can learn to appreciate life more and see things in a different light. Meditation through your day makes you a more positive and kinder person. Try it out. Your soul will thank you for it!

Understanding The Strength of Norse Mythology

Viking MosaicAt first glance, Norse mythology seems to be pretty bleak.

Many of the tales focus on the end of the world, a time known as Ragnorak. During Ragnorak, winter would come and never leave; the gods would battle with giants and terrible monsters; many of the gods would die.

The harshness of these myths is a reflection of the world in which the Norse people lived.

Each year, they faced punishing winters. In order to trade food and furs, the Vikings travelled across dangerous oceans. They did all this with much less technology and knowledge than we have today; they could not rely on cars and fossil fuels to power their journeys. The Vikings rowed their boats with their own arms.

In the face of these intense challenges, the Vikings developed a deep veneration for strength and endurance.

This can be seen in the central God of the Norse pantheon, Odin, All-Father, King of the Gods.

Who is Odin?

Odin's Mask for Cunning and Discretion

Odin is a God of War, who fights to defend his land and his people. He will lend his strength to those who call on him. Odin also possesses great courage. During the final nights of Ragnarok, he does battle with the dread Fenrir Wolf. Even though Odin knows that this battle will be his undoing, he stands his ground and fights valiantly.

But Odin has more facets than warrior. He is also a sorcerer, and a trickster. When he leaves his hall in Asgard, Realm of the Gods, he frequently goes forth in disguise.

In many tales, he uses cunning and misdirection to get what he needs. Odin has also mastered the arts of magic, at great personal cost. Odin plucked out one of his own eyes in order to gain wisdom and secret sight; he can see into the mysteries of past, present and future.


With all these powerful attributes, Odin represents a balanced mastery of body, mind, and spirit. But he also can be seen as representing the willingness to do whatever is necessary to survive.

Odin chooses to master feats of physical strength, guile, and hidden magic because there is no other way for him to protect himself and his people.

Again and again, he rises to the challenge. Even when it seems like the world is destined to end. Even at great cost to himself. Even when he knows, with his prophetic power, that his actions will lead to his own death.

Working with Odin can help us discover our own hidden strengths and magics, our own capacity to endure the seemingly impossible.

Thors Hammer Replica Pendant - Found in Skane

The Viking All-Father can teach us how to rise to our own challenges, to discover our own warrior spirits.

Ask yourself:

  • What are you inspired to defend?
  • What do you value more than your own comfort?
  • What are you willing to take risks for?

Odin, and all the Norse Gods, faced a legion of giants who sought to destroy the world. They faced the prospect of a world of endless winter. We can find parallels in these stories for some of the great environmental challenges of our day. At times, it seems like we face a system that is trying to cause grievous harm to the living web of life. We face the prospect of intense climate change.

Rebirth Follows Death in Norse Mythology

Gungir - Odin's Spear for StrengthNorse mythology can offer us inspiration and courage, stirring stories of beings who saw a terrible threat and found the strength and courage within themselves to fight as honourable warriors. And, while most contemporary conversations about Norse mythology focus on the harsh battles of Ragnorak, this is not the end of the story.

The death of the world results in a rebirth, a green and peaceful world that flourishes in the aftermath. In this world, the separation between the Gods and humanity vanishes.

There is more than enough abundant life to feed everyone. May our own struggles reach such a happy conclusion.

by Allison Grey

StormJewel Says: Thanks for this fascinating article about Norse and Viking Mythology, it certainly does help us to understand their myths when we look at the context of their lives.

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How To Make Friends with a Dragon

Get a pet Dragon
By Anne Stokes and Available as a wall hanging and also a figurine in my shop!

StormJewel Says: Dear All, as you may know I have a little fire dragon, Calcifer, as my familiar!  If you want to know why and how you can get your own dragon companion, read this excellent article by my newest writer Allison Grey!

Dragons are one of the oldest and most powerful legends in Western Culture.  Well-known by some for their fearsome strength, wild cunning, and secret knowledge, dragons have been cast as villains in many stories old and new.  Dragons have been painted as monsters, as foes, as symbols of evil.

But what if their terrible strength can be interpreted in another light? 

What if we can learn how to befriend dragons, to fly with them across mysterious landscapes and listen to the ancient secrets they keep?

Find out how to befriend and work with these magickal creatures in this article!


Why Befriend a Dragon?

Dragons are strong for a reason; they are guardians, charged with protecting precious treasures.  With this insight, we can understand them as necessary challenges on our paths.

How to Befriend a DragonIn order to reach the treasure, which we can see as our own power–a facet of our innate capabilities that we can’t currently reach–we must confront the dragon.  Dragons, like all monsters, force us to find our courage.  As we learn how to defeat a dragon, or outwit it, or perhaps even to negotiate with it, we learn how powerful we are.

But dragons guard more than treasures. 

Consider where dragons live–on the tops of mountains, in the hearts of forests, deep in the untamed landscape where humans have not yet declared ownership.  Dragons are guardians of the wilderness itself.  Like the snakes they resemble, dragons are intimately tied to the Earth.

This is why dragons have often been portrayed as enemies, because many humans have been trying to control and dominate nature.  But as more and more people are becoming aware that we need to protect nature, the potential for dragons to be our allies is becoming clearer.  Dragons demonstrate the wisdom of the wild world beyond human control.

If we can learn to live in right relationship with dragons, they can teach us how to become guardians of the wild ourselves.

Image Credit: Anne Stokes


How To Make Friends With a Dragon

Dragon Jewelley
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As with any magical venture, the first step in developing a relationship with a dragon is to set your intention. 

This can be as simple as saying aloud to yourself, “I intend to find a dragon ally to work with.” It could also be as involved as creating a drawing or painting that represents the type of dragon you would like to work with.

In general, the more strongly you can visualize a dragon ally, the stronger your call to the spirit realms will be. 

You may want to gather inspiring images of dragons.  You could also place a statue of a dragon on your altar to serve as a physical embodiment of your intention.  Another way to keep these creatures close to your heart is by getting yourself a treasured piece of dragon jewellery that you feel drawn to, or some dragon figurines and other draconic items to decorate your home or altar.


What Kind of Dragon Do You Want?

Water Dragon

As you imagine the type of dragon you might like to work with, consider these questions:

  1. What in your life needs a guardian?
  2. What do you feel called to become a guardian for?

Some dragons are associated with a particular element: air, fire, water or earth.

Air dragons would be excellent allies in a political campaign to reduce air pollution, or to guard your mind from worries and unhelpful thoughts.

Fire dragons can help with efforts to promote renewable energy, especially solar power, and with personal protection around creative projects.

Water dragons are a natural fit for those seeking to protect rivers, lakes and oceans, as well as the creatures who live there.  You could also work with water dragons to protect your own emotions and intimate relationships.

Finally, Earth dragons are well-suited to land conservation, such as preventing wild forests from being cut down, and to guarding physical health.

Water Dragon Image Credit: Dragon-Myths

Doing it Your Own Way?

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You may not feel drawn to any of these elements or you may be uncertain about which would be best for you.  If that’s true, there’s no need to worry.  You can simply use an intention of welcoming in a dragon ally who can help you.

If you’re familiar with methods of exploring the spirit world, such as shamanic journeying, you can go forth and seek whatever dragon comes to you.

Whichever method you use, remember to be courageous.  Dragons respect power.  The stronger and more bold your call, the more likely a dragon is to answer.

Final Dragon Thought…

In all the art and all the stories, dragons are bigger than we are.  If we can learn to accept that the natural world is larger and wilder than we are, if we can learn humility and grow as spiritual beings.

by Allison Grey

StormJewel Says: Allison thanks for another fantastic article, I have always been fascinated by dragons as Calcifer will agree! 🙂  I’ve got loads of cool dragon gifts in my shop, from jewellery and figurines, to artwork, mirrors and boxes, so why not take a look for a bit of inspiration!


How to Connect with Your Ancestor Spirits

How to talk to your ancestors
This reminds me of the funeral masks made by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to honour their ancestors

If you’ve been curious about working with your ancestor spirits, now is an excellent time of year to start, because the dark of the year is a great time to listen to otherworldly voices and connect with the shadow lands.

We’re nearing Samhain, which is the ancient Celtic holiday that Halloween is based on.

All the Halloween zombies and ghosts are half-remembered reminders of an ancient truth: around the end of October, the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead grows thin.

We now have a heightened opportunity to reach across the divide and communicate with all the spirits of those who have passed.

Here are some tips for developing relationships with your ancestors:

First, keep in mind that your ancestors are as diverse as your living family.  They might not all want to talk with you, especially in the context of a Pagan ritual.  While most ancestors interact with their descendants in a loving and encouraging manner, some are difficult or quarrelsome.

If you have an especially trying time interacting with your deceased family, keep in mind that there are multiple types of ancestors you can work with.


Who are my Ancestors?

Ancestors of spirit are all those who inspire you, whose work you carry on in the world, who built the tools and traditions you use in your life.

Your ancestors of spirit might include the Witches and Pagans of the past.  Your ancestors of spirit might include the writers and musicians and artists whose work has touched your heart, lifted your spirits, or inspired you to create yourself.  They might include activists who have fought for the rights and opportunities that you enjoy.  They might include the people who founded the field you work in, the people who started the hobbies that fill your life with joy.


Ancestors of place include all the beings who once lived in the area you live.

They extend beyond other human beings to include the animals who lived and died, the plants who flourished and decayed.  The ground you walk on is literally made out of the bodies of those plants and animals, those ancestors of place.  If you live in a city, your ancestors of place include all the human hands who planned and built and cared for the houses and streets that make up your world.


Ancestors of blood are the people you’re physically descended from.

Their bones are your bones; their blood flows through your veins.  You can imagine yourself as the bud on a branch of a great tree, with roots extending far into the past.  You are the child and the grandchild and the great-grandchild of people who survived, at least long enough to reproduce.  Whatever else your family might have done or failed to do, they brought you into this world.


How to build relationships with these Ancestor Spirits

All three types of ancestors have given us many gifts. 

An excellent way to begin developing relationships with them is by expressing your gratitude for the many gifts they’ve given you.  Your ancestors of blood gave you your body and your life.  All the other experiences you enjoy are based on this first gift.

Your ancestors of place give you solid ground to walk on, a home to shelter you, perhaps a lovely garden to enjoy.  Your ancestors of spirit give you inspiration, magical tools and ways to understand the world.

Building an Ancestor Altar

When we are trying to build a relationship with a living person, we might invite them to dinner.  In order to do something similar with ancestors, we can build an ancestor altar.  This creates a space for them in our homes. 

An ancestor altar can be as simple as a table with a candle and a few photos of loved ones who have passed, or as complex as a full spread of magical tools with a pentagram at the centre.

Try sitting with your ancestor altar once a day or once a week, as your schedule allows.  Thank you ancestors for what they’ve given you.  Tell them about your life.  Ask for their advice.  And simply allow yourself to listen.  Your ancestors may make specific requests from you.  They might want you to light a candle for them, or burn a certain kind of incense.  They might want to be served a small plate of the food you eat for dinner, or a glass of water.

Be patient and generous and your connection with your ancestors will flower.

By Allison Grey


StormJewel: Thanks for another fantastic article Allison!  There’s lots to learn and do from this.

I’d love to hear your ancestor experiences, or even just whether you think you will be trying this or not.  Let us know below!  Blessings!

Preparing for the Dark of the Year

354 Red Sunset-Bourgogne
I Am Not I

As we’ve passed the Autumnal Equinox, the nights are getting longer and longer.  We can feel the chill of winter begin to creep into the air.  We are nearing the dark time of the year.

In the natural world, the squirrels are gathering nuts for the winter.  The hedgehogs are gorging themselves, building up fat reserves to nourish them through the long dreaming days of hibernation.

As humans, how can we prepare ourselves for the dark time of the year?  How can we live more deeply in harmony with the seasons and grow and shift along with the Earth?

If we take nature as our guide, we can see that the dark of the year is a time for rest.  Like the trees releasing their leaves and the animals hibernating, we can simplify our lives, let go our distractions and focus our attention inward.

The stillness that fills the world in winter provides us with a chance to explore our own interior worlds so that we can learn about ourselves, our spiritual gifts and our purpose in the world.

Many people in the modern world keep very busy.  In our fast-paced, technological world, we are often taught to keep moving, keep doing, to fill our minds with new information every second.    But the rhythm of the natural world is motion and stillness, action and rest, day and night.

The Darkness as a Nurturing Force

We are sometimes taught to fear darkness, to fear stillness, to fear the quiet, still, resting night inside of us.  The gathering dark of the year is an invitation for us to challenge these fears and enter more deeply into our own souls.

In order to move through our fears, we may need to let go of our old stories about darkness being evil or harmful.

Try instead to think of darkness as something natural, as necessary as the rhythm of day and night. Imagine darkness as the wide open sky, full of mystery and possibility.  Imagine darkness as the safe, enclosed space of the womb, nurturing that which is small and growing and not yet ready to emerge into the light.  Think of the darkness beneath the soil, nurturing tiny seeds.

Get in Touch With Yourself in Winter

Held by the sheltering darkness of winter, what do you hear?  Can you listen to the soft, wise voice of your own intuition?  This is an excellent time of year to strengthen your connection to that voice. Consider beginning to work with a new divinatory tool, such as runes or the Tarot.

You may also want to start a daily practise of listening.  This could be as simple as setting aside ten minutes every morning to sit in quiet meditation.  If you’re interested in doing so, all you need to do is find a comfortable place to sit.   Focus your attention on your breathing.  If troubling thoughts or emotions emerge, allow them to pass through your mind like clouds blowing across the sky.  This practise can create a deep calm within you, mirroring the calm, reflective nature of the world in winter.

The dark half of the year, with its long nights, is also an excellent time to explore dreamwork.  Your dreams can reveal the depths of your own heart to you, and may also contain the seeds of spiritual wisdom and glimmers of the future.  The nights also provide ample space to explore spiritual realms.

In the quiet of the winter, it can be easier to hear the voices of spirit guides, guardian angels and spirit animals.  You can tap into conversations with these beings through practises such as shamanic journeying, guided visualisations and prayer.

Friends, Warmth and Light

While you’re venturing into the hidden spaces within yourself and into the spirit world, it’s important to keep one foot in physical reality. You don’t want to get lost in the vast, wide darkness.  As the Equinox reminds us, there is a need for balance between dark and light.

You need to cultivate some warmth and light along with the solitary introspective dark. 

One excellent way to do so is to create a winter circle of friends.  You could meet once a week or once a month to share food, laughter, and stories.  Such a group could be a place to share your experiences of wandering in the dark, and a place to recount the beautiful treasures you find there.

By Allison Grey

[StormJewel] Thanks Allison for that great article, it’s really inspiring to me as someone who feels the cold and loves the light of summer!  This serves as a reminder to me that as Pagans it’s important to embrace natures rhythms and it’s clear that if we learn to love the changing of the seasons we will find it very rewarding! 

Do you prefer winter or summer? What things do you like to do in winter? Let us know below!

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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?Can the Law of Attraction get you a home, a job, a partner or whatever else you may wish for? I think it can but perhaps not in the way you think.

With the popularity of ‘The Secret‘, many people are now trying the law of attraction to get what they want.  In case you’ve been in a hole and never heard of it, it basically involves building up a clear picture of what you want in your head, and thinking about it, putting energy into it until you get what you want.

It also says that if you spend too much time focusing on what you are afraid of, or don’t want, that you will attract this too.

But does it really work like this?

I’ve seen quite a few disillusioned people on the internet sharing their experiences.  One guy (sorry forgotten where I saw it) had spent a lot of time visualising what he wanted and it never transpired.  This led him to think out the rules of the law of attraction and find it useless on this basis:

Thoughts don’t equal action.

His opinion was that believing that what we think influences what happens is a mistake understanding of the causal chain – eg when about to start a flight many passengers may be worrying about it crashing, but it still doesn’t crash because thought don’t influence things in this way.

Is he right?  Well yes and no.  Some people worrying about the plane crashing is not going to have any effect.

What if 300 people onboard willed (as opposed to worried about) it to crash? Possibly this might affect it (after all I do believe spells are possible, which are a sending of intention) but I doubt anyone is going to test it out particularly soon, and quite possibly it wouldn’t be strong enough to have an effect.

But in essence this guy is right, simply thinking about things is not enough to change things, but it is a very good start as long as you realise that it is just the start.  One of the most important things in life to me is helping people to realise that we all have the power of our own destiny.

I strongly believe and have seen much evidence to support the idea that the more energy you put into something the more you will get back.

Does that mean every project you do will succeed? No, but usually you will get some kind of energetic reward for putting effort into something, even if it just experience and determination to do better, but quite frequently new doors will have opened just by the fact that you take action.

ACTION! Yes this word is perhaps the key word for this article, since that is what most people who find the secret and law of attraction unsuccessful don’t realise.  Putting the thoughts and energy into creating the ideas things you want is the vital first step, and doing this correctly will set you up for success.

But if you don’t actually go and do anything, just let these little dreams and ideas sit in your head, that’s all they will ever be, ideas.

It can feel really difficult to begin something new (right now I am trying to make dragon t-shirts and have nearly given up several times before I even really started due to my fears of failing and it looking rubbish) but all you have to do it push through that fear and take even baby tentative steps on your journey.

Most likely you’ll be spurred on my your progress, no matter how small, and then all your mental focusing and energy can be expressed, or possibly you realise the project is no good and can begin starting to look for another better way to do things, which in turn will lead to success!

So that’s what I think, and in fact have long since thought about achieving what you want.

What do you reckon, does the Law of Attraction really work? Have you used The Secret, Cosmic Ordering or some other similar idea or mindset? Let me know below!

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Can We Save The Planet? [Infographic]

Part of loving nature and the earth, is caring about it and all it’s inhabitants.  Sadly, climate change is happening, but there are things we can do to try and improve the situation.  This donated infographic shows us the kind of impact that recycling can have in saving energy, pollution and more (ok its a bit US centric but still we can all get the idea).  If you like it, why not pin it on pinterest, or bookmark it to your favourite site and spread the eco world around the world!

31 Important Facts About Alternative Living and Recycling



Alternative living & recycling facts infographic

Donated by https://www.fabulouscollections.co.uk/  Thanks guys!