Learn how to make a Wiccan or Pagan altar

Wicca Pagan Altar
Wicca Pagan Altar (Photo credit: dragonoak)

An Altar or Sacred Place is a great way to show your devotion to the god and goddess and any other deities or special times of the year you would like to venerate and celebrate.

You can use it to keep your magickal and ritual items on, and it’s a great place to retreat to for some meditation, or to do a spot of candle magick for instance.

As with so much in the Pagan faith, everything you choose for your altar is up to you but I’m going to give you some suggestions and explain the significances of certain ritual items, and the elemental correspondences.

Many of the things for your altar you can get at home or in nature, or make yourself but if you want to buy certain things you can head over to my shop as you will find everything you need, including coloured candles, athames, chalices, mini cauldrons, bells and much more.

I’ve created a Hub Page that has what you need to know to make this sacred space.

Find out how to make your own Pagan or Wiccan Altar and all the supplies you need here.

Enjoy and Blessed Be!  StormJewel x

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