Learn how to read tarot cards

With my best selling Tarot Box now out of print and no confirmed date of when they will be back in stock, I needed to look for an alternative for those wishing to learn the ancient art of the tarot. Happily I have found a brilliant alternative – The Tarot Discovery Kit and DVD. It contains beautifully illustrated and easy to use cards, a satin bag to keep them in, a full colour helpful book plus a DVD with meditations and other videos to get you reading the cards like a pro in no time!

You may wish to get a deck you feel a particular affinity with, such as something with dragons, mermaids, egyptian or forest themed for instance.  This can sometimes be more of a challenge, especially if the author has used some artistic license with some of the imagery, but on the other hand if you really like a deck it can help you connect with the cards and intuitively grasp the meanings (with a little help from a good book!)

If you are looking for a good book to help you learn then I strongly recommend Step-by-Step Tarot by Terry Donaldson. Check out the shop to get more details about this excellent resource for learning the tarot. Thanks for reading and Blessed Be! x StormJewel

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