Free Magick Online Games

Take a look at my great free online magick games

Perfect for for a spare bit of time whether at home or at work, or when you just want to immerse yourself in a magickal world! There’s a great adventure game, an entertaining rpg game with bejewelled style combat, and a fun Magick Puzzle Game. Take a look!

4 thoughts on “Free Magick Online Games”

  1. I am a young which just joining this religion and I need help writing my own spells. I have already written 4 and they all work. (Finding love, Scrying, Finding your power animal, and Speaking with your power animal.) Please help I could really use the guidence.

  2. Hey, I’m a young witch just starting in the religion. However, my parents don’t believe in Wicca and think that it is evil or something. I could really use some guidance right now.

  3. Your parents cannot force religion on you by law. Try to tell them what Wicca is and not. If they donĀ“t listen ignore them and look to the future when you can do what you want. Gather freinds that you know that are Wiccan and worship when your parents are not looking.

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