Simple and Easy Ways to Meditate Through Your Day

Meditation is best thing you can do to clear your head and feel better in a stressful day. It can make things easier to take and managable. Even if you have a ton of worries, being able to tune into your spirit allows you to focus and have the strength to continue on. Meditation also helps you curb your desire to break down and go mad or curse and even go amok. When you meditate, you center yourself and you allow your mind and soul to be one. You are able to bottle all the happy moments and use them in the tough and challenging times. And by this you can use the experiences you’ve had from the tough times you have survived into being strong enough to withstand any storm.

But how do we meditate if life is constantly bombarding us with deadlines and things to do and finish? How do we a lot the time and energy to meditating if you barely have time to sleep and let your mind wander? Well meditation does not have to take so much time. It may require conscious effort to be one with your breath but you may seek out the peace of your heart in many simple ways.

Do Five Minute Meditations

Well I know sparing five minutes of your very, very busy and hectic day is more than you can take, but trust me it is well worth it. This five minute retreat can make a difference from you being an evil psycho to a less psychotic more positive person. I know what you might be thinking “I barely have time to sleep or even watch TV and I will a lot five minutes to sitting there doing nothing?”. I know right? But you know YOU ARE IMPORTANT. And making some time for you is very important. Your mind deserves that pause button so much. If you keep your mind and body always on the go and if you don’t take the time out to pause and meditate you might find yourself breaking down.

What if you’re the other sort of person who probably lets the day slip by and just chill and relax and does not get so stressed out? Well, good for you! But you can still benefit from closing your eyes and allowing positive energy flow into your mind and body; a time to cleanse out your soul. Even if you are already chill, you would still need to consolidate your thoughts and energize your spirit to keep your peace going even during tough or easy times.

So How?

Typically people would say to sit down and relax to ease your mind. I know that sitting in a lotus pose is very good way to allow the good vibrations go in. This is something you do while listening to meditative music like singing bowls or mantra music.

1. Sit in a lotus pose with your back straight and your eyes closed. Put your hands on your lap or in a prayer pose.

2. Put on those earphones or go to a quiet room.

3. Set an intention for this meditation. Do you want to take peace in? Have a happiness? Be strong? Try to focus on that word and allow your mind to drift into thoughts associated with these intention. Visualize it.

4. You can do this for as short as five minutes or longer if you have more time.

5. Try to do it every day as you wake up or every night before you sleep and you will feel the difference

But What If You Still Can’t do This?

So now comes the part of the easy to incorporate meditation. I’m not saying that you should forget about traditional meditation because that has MANY benefits but you may try these other stuff to help you if you’re too time pressed.

1. Meditate in the shower – I know you might be thinking about your work while you try to shower as quickly as you can, but you can try to squeeze a few minutes to healing your soul and spirit. Just like the steps above except for the sitting part, you still find peace while you shower. Try to play some music. Free your thoughts and just be into with your body. Feel the water as it cascades on your body. Allow this to remind you of freedom and peace.

2. You can do it while you commute – I know that traffic can really bother your or standing on the train can really be irritating if you are wearing four inch heels but you can still use this time to stay peaceful and positive. You can pop on your earphones, and then zone into a peaceful place in your heart. You can think about nothing just let your mind drift with the music or you can make an intention in an area where you want to grow. Do you want to be more patient at work? Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to just be happy with everyday life? You can think of these while you travel to work.

3. Buy a snow globe or make one – I know that you think that this is probably for older women or for too sentimental men and women but it’s not. Looking at the specs of glitter floating up and then down can be very relaxing for your you. Just shaking and looking at a snow globe for a minute can really make you feel more refreshed and relaxed. If you don’t have an actual snow globe, why not just get one of those mason jars or like recycle an old mayo jar and fill it water and glitter. Around five parts water and one part glitter should do the trick. If you get a bit stressed or you just want to ease your mind, try giving it a bit of a shake and see the glitters come up and then slowly go down.

4. Give yourself a little massage – You may be aching from crouching in front of the PC all day and dread your deadline that is looming in, so why not give yourself a little massage? I know you might be on crunch time but giving yourself just three minutes to soothe your aching back muscles will work wonders for your productivity and stress levels. You can bring a small salve like Vicks Vapor rub or your own rub (don’t use oil if you are in the office, that would be too messy). I know that you may think that people will smell you but this can really help you ease your mind. Concentrate on the small strokes your doing as you rub your temples or your shoulders.

5. Allow your mind to zone out while you exercise – I know you might be trying to make yourself go the extra squat or push up and willing your mind to do it, but you can allow your mind zone out and just allow your body to do the work. You can allow your mind just to just drift and relax your soul. Exercise can be pretty meditative and it gives you loads of positive energy after the workout.

6. Savor your food – You may be always in hurry to gulp down your meals that you for forget how delicious and nourishing your food is. Try eating alone once in a while. Chew your food slowly and notice every taste that you have in your mouth. Think about thoughts you associate with each taste. Breathe as you eat and chew. Drink more water. Do this once in a while and you might enjoy having your lunch breaks more.

7. Do some deep breathing before you sleep – You may just be too exhausted from a whole day of working or doing chores or studying but you can really help your mind and body relax by doing a hundred deep breaths before you sleep. This will only take you more or less two minutes but it can really help you remove some bad vibrations from your mind and body. Deep breathing promotes oxygen in your brain that gives you better sleep. If you sleep better then you can have a better day next day!

These small acts of meditation can really help you cope with the stresses of life. You can learn to appreciate life more and see things in a different light. Meditation through your day makes you a more positive and kinder person. Try it out. Your soul will thank you for it!

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