Free Wicca Money Spell!

Attract prosperity with this free money spell!

Before you begin, sit and think about what you want money for, maybe you need money to pay an expensive bill, fix your car or allow you to go on a well needed holiday. In general specifically asking for money is likely to be more sucessful if you do need the money rather than if you just want to go on a spending binge! If your finances are generally low then asking for abundance and prosperity can turn things around.  As with all spells and spell casters, sometimes spells don’t work. Once you’ve cast your spell, have faith and try not to worry about it as this may send negative energies which can interfere with spells, but if after a couple of months you don’t see any results, don’t be discouraged and try again – it happens to all of us!

Part of encouraging prosperity is about accepting that you can have money, and do deserve it!

NOTE: Never cast a spell that asks for money from a particular person, there is no need and this is ethically a bad idea!

Spell Supplies and Tools

Find out when the next full moon is, as this is an ideal time to attract things to yourself (as opposed to a small moon which symbolises banishing)

Assemble as many of the following items for the spell including:

  1. A green candle (green signifies money among other things, orange also works)
  2. Herbs and incense, there are lots to choose – pick a fragrance you like, my favourite are pachouli and thyme. Here are some inexpensive herbs for money spells
  3. Something from nature that symbolises growth and fertility like seeds,  an acorn or perhaps leaves from an evergreen tree
  4. A spell token – something you can carry around with you until the spell has worked, such as a piece of jewellery, a shell or for extra power, a Lapis Lazuli stone is powerful and can be used to attract abundance, psychic powers, creativity and many more blessings (although it must be ritually cleansed once you are no longer using it for the money spell and want to use it for something else).

Once you have gathered your spell supplies, burn your incense, mix your herbs in a container, a chalice is great but you can use any vessel. Sprinkle a pinch of your herb mix over the candle, then light it.

Focus on the flame of the candle and allow your eyes to relax and go slightly out of focus (no need to go cross eyed unless you want to that is!) and meditate on your reasons for wanting prosperity or money.

Once you feel you have done this for long enough (time is up to you but a few minutes or more is fine), deepen the trance with a chant such as She changes everything she touches, everything she touches changes”.

When you feel suitably focused, trace your countries’ symbol of currency in the air, eg pound sign. You can use an athame or wand for this or just your finger.

The scene is set!

Now hold your spell token & utter the words of the spell:

“Spirits and Goddesses of wealth and abundance,

I wish to bring properity into my life

(If you have a specific thing you want the money for state it now)

Salamanders of the Fire, I ask you to burn away my lack of money

Undines of the Water, I ask you to wash away lack of money and direct the flow of prosperity towards me

Gnomes of the Earth, I ask you to grow me wealth from your rich ground

Sylphs of the Air, I ask you to blow money towards me

Anu, bestow upon me the blessings of your sacred cattle

Abunciada, let your bounteous harvest bring me abundance

Copia, allow your horn of plenty overflow into my path

Fortuna, bless me with your divine luck

Odin, enrich me with prosperity and the wisdom to preserve it

Kubera, shower me with your treasures

Veles, bring me succss in my endeavours”

At this point hold your spell token in front of you and visualise a wave of water washing away your lack of money and fire burning away any negative energies you may have accrued, imagine prosperity and abundance flowing up from the ground through you into the item, and visualise a wind blowing prosperity to the item.  Finally envisage the wealth requested from gods and goddesses as descending upon you and the item.

At this point really try to put all of your energies into the item, you may feel your hands tingle.

An it harm none, so mote it be!”

Your spell is almost finished but remember to thank those that helped you:

“Spirits, Gods and Goddesses I thank you for your kind blessings

Stay if you will

Go if you must”

Now put your spell token in your pocket or around your neck or whatever, let the spell be and wait for the results!  As I said if you see no results in a couple of months repeat the spell.

Good luck in your spell casting!!

(tip: to increase the power you can do the spell at dawn)

Love and Light! StormJewel xx

For tips on how to create your own spell, look here

One thought on “Free Wicca Money Spell!”

  1. Dear Lord, hear my prayer. I am in need of big money, if you could make it possible, as soon as possible ..
    Please help me to have abundance and prosperity in my life. I am 55 years old unemployed Filipino seaman. I can not be hired anymore because of my age. I am drowning with mountains of bills and credits need to be paid soonest. Please help me to find an employment or source of income other than my line of job to support my family.

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