How To Make Friends with a Dragon

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Dragons are one of the oldest and most powerful legends in Western Culture.  Well-known by some for their fearsome strength, wild cunning, and secret knowledge, dragons have been cast as villains in many stories old and new.  Dragons have been painted as monsters, as foes, as symbols of evil.

But what if their terrible strength can be interpreted in another light? 

What if we can learn how to befriend dragons, to fly with them across mysterious landscapes and listen to the ancient secrets they keep?

Find out how to befriend and work with these magickal creatures in this article!


Why Befriend a Dragon?

Dragons are strong for a reason; they are guardians, charged with protecting precious treasures.  With this insight, we can understand them as necessary challenges on our paths.

How to Befriend a DragonIn order to reach the treasure, which we can see as our own power–a facet of our innate capabilities that we can’t currently reach–we must confront the dragon.  Dragons, like all monsters, force us to find our courage.  As we learn how to defeat a dragon, or outwit it, or perhaps even to negotiate with it, we learn how powerful we are.

But dragons guard more than treasures. 

Consider where dragons live–on the tops of mountains, in the hearts of forests, deep in the untamed landscape where humans have not yet declared ownership.  Dragons are guardians of the wilderness itself.  Like the snakes they resemble, dragons are intimately tied to the Earth.

This is why dragons have often been portrayed as enemies, because many humans have been trying to control and dominate nature.  But as more and more people are becoming aware that we need to protect nature, the potential for dragons to be our allies is becoming clearer.  Dragons demonstrate the wisdom of the wild world beyond human control.

If we can learn to live in right relationship with dragons, they can teach us how to become guardians of the wild ourselves.

Image Credit: Anne Stokes


How To Make Friends With a Dragon

Dragon Jewelley
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As with any magical venture, the first step in developing a relationship with a dragon is to set your intention. 

This can be as simple as saying aloud to yourself, “I intend to find a dragon ally to work with.” It could also be as involved as creating a drawing or painting that represents the type of dragon you would like to work with.

In general, the more strongly you can visualize a dragon ally, the stronger your call to the spirit realms will be. 

You may want to gather inspiring images of dragons.  You could also place a statue of a dragon on your altar to serve as a physical embodiment of your intention.  Another way to keep these creatures close to your heart is by getting yourself a treasured piece of dragon jewellery that you feel drawn to, or some dragon figurines and other draconic items to decorate your home or altar.


What Kind of Dragon Do You Want?

Water Dragon

As you imagine the type of dragon you might like to work with, consider these questions:

  1. What in your life needs a guardian?
  2. What do you feel called to become a guardian for?

Some dragons are associated with a particular element: air, fire, water or earth.

Air dragons would be excellent allies in a political campaign to reduce air pollution, or to guard your mind from worries and unhelpful thoughts.

Fire dragons can help with efforts to promote renewable energy, especially solar power, and with personal protection around creative projects.

Water dragons are a natural fit for those seeking to protect rivers, lakes and oceans, as well as the creatures who live there.  You could also work with water dragons to protect your own emotions and intimate relationships.

Finally, Earth dragons are well-suited to land conservation, such as preventing wild forests from being cut down, and to guarding physical health.

Water Dragon Image Credit: Dragon-Myths

Doing it Your Own Way?

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You may not feel drawn to any of these elements or you may be uncertain about which would be best for you.  If that’s true, there’s no need to worry.  You can simply use an intention of welcoming in a dragon ally who can help you.

If you’re familiar with methods of exploring the spirit world, such as shamanic journeying, you can go forth and seek whatever dragon comes to you.

Whichever method you use, remember to be courageous.  Dragons respect power.  The stronger and more bold your call, the more likely a dragon is to answer.

Final Dragon Thought…

In all the art and all the stories, dragons are bigger than we are.  If we can learn to accept that the natural world is larger and wilder than we are, if we can learn humility and grow as spiritual beings.

by Allison Grey

StormJewel Says: Allison thanks for another fantastic article, I have always been fascinated by dragons as Calcifer will agree! 🙂  I’ve got loads of cool dragon gifts in my shop, from jewellery and figurines, to artwork, mirrors and boxes, so why not take a look for a bit of inspiration!


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  1. Thank you so much! I have already started some of this, but I do have a question. Can you befriend a Shadow Dragon???

    Thx again

  2. I think you can. Shadow dragons can be dangerous at times though as some of them lurk in the dark and have the power of darkness in them. But some are good ones.. Just be careful.

  3. Thanks a lot for your tips but just two questions. If you know all of that then do you know how to make a real dragon ? And do you have your own ( if yes, give me a description about it ) ?

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