How to meditate

A video over meditation, how to meditate.
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21 thoughts on “How to meditate”

  1. I do meditation when my mind is cloudy and can’t think straight. Meditation would really help you relax and clears out your mind. Just make sure you’re doing it right and the surrounding is silent and calm. Staying inside a silent room or lighten up an incense candle can help do the trick.

  2. @swimster97 No, just minimal breathing, we do not notice it because it is our subconsious telling us to breathe and our heart rate is extremely slow, Im not an expert in meditating, but it takes very long to master such a slow heart rate. And your suppose to do this without realizing

  3. @standupgun He was so high that he have lost the track of time. But there is a some experts in meditation who can meditate for hours and when he get out of trance, they feel like it was only 5-20 minutes. That was happening sometime when I was at my best. Feeling the light of the world (or cosmic energy, the name you give it don’t matter) is a very deep sensation.

  4. The animation is nice, but some of the meditation techniques are odd to me. Sure, observing the breath is a wonderful exercise on mindfulness. But how does this end suffering?

  5. Getting high and meditating is the best thing in the world. The weed is a inscents that helps ya relax, I meditated for an hour one day and it only seemed like I was doing it for 5 minutes. Felt great afterwards.

  6. @joaquinvelasco yes , and you also have to shave your head bald.Example(Britney Spears)

  7. Good video. Nice graphics. Well put together. Cosmic Energy is 4 every1! One love 4all!

  8. @makaveliThadon100

    yes i do the wierd twitching feelings too when i do the mediatating with the pants off on the floor and then the rubbing of my private area called penis. first it is calm and then excite and the twitchings and then calm after. also i do the rub up against tree rub and press and rub and press and then calm after for the mediatating too ok.

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