Fellow witches, can you help me with a question about some left hand path magick?

Question by The Doors of Perception: Fellow witches, can you help me with a question about some left hand path magick?
Fellow witches, what do you think of using sex in magick and rituals? If you send the positive energy from sex and love into the universe won’t it effect the universe positively? I am not talking about using women as alters or disgusting things like that. Just two people in love.

“Blake said that the body was the soul’s prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open. He considered the senses the ‘windows of the soul.’ When sex involves all the senses intensely, it can be like a mystical experience.” – Jim Morrison

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Answer by DesireE
It is the Lord’s privilege to give the Holy Ghost to whom he will, and it is not for us to question him in his right, power, and privilege – in the extent of his doings. He blesses the human family; he raises up nations, kingdoms, and governments, and controls in the armies of the world. He rules in the heavens, and makes the wrath of man praise him, and gives his Spirit when and to whom he pleases. Shall I say that he has given it to his Saints all the day long? Yes; for I know that he has. Have they enjoyed the light of the Spirit of revelation? Yes; and so, more or less,

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  1. rofl.

    I dun think so. Generally any exhaustion of sexual energy, at least on the part of a man, is detrimental to one’s life and life-force. Occasional sex feeds the spirit, but overall I believe the net value of having sex fairly frequently (a couple of times a week or more) is negative.

  2. It makes sense, IMO. Energy is seemingly boundless during sex, (even with yourself!) I think that putting that energy into an intent will do no harm. The universe could always use some more love 😉

  3. I have heard that sex magick is very powerful, especially when used for positive results.

    Rev. Neil

  4. My coven has never done sex magic–at least, not while I’ve been a member. I think it’s okay, as long as the couple is committed to each other and is permitted privacy.

    I was once a guest at a ritual in which the Great Rite was performed, but the couple (who were celebrating their marriage) did it in the ritual chamber while everyone else waited outside.

  5. It matters to no one here but only to you. If both of you are willing to proceed the go for it. In the time of jesus, women like Mary Magdalene were considered priestess’s, and that they only way to be close to god is in a woman. people don’t understand this but it was an old belief that women are the key to bliss. read scott cumminghams celtic magic. if you two love each other so much that you can keep the energy up they have fun. Just watch out for the candles and keep that fire extinguishers close (not talking about the candles here) heehee!

    Blessed Be!

  6. Sex is a beautiful, magical, natural thing, and profoundly sacred.

    Using sex magick for positive purposes can be immensely good and beneficial.

    I would not personally call that “left hand path” but people seem to have very different definitions of that terminology.

    Why would ritual sex magick *not* be a good and sacred thing?? It’s a rite to honor the Hieros Gamos, the sacred marriage of male and female, the Horned God and the Goddess.

    And, by the way: Jim Morrison was a god incarnate. Bless his magic mojo soul. 🙂


    Add/to Okapi: There is no such thing as a “Wiccar.”
    Don’t pretend to have a background in Wicca that you don’t have.

    Oh, and that old idea about sex “draining energy” from the male — no, I don’t think so. I mean, it’s like any kind of physical exertion, you put some energy into it. But if you use that energy for magick, then you can gain some positive benefit. And even just using it for the magic of LOVE is positive enough.

    The myth of sex “draining energy” comes from tantra, where they have both people sitting up, and they put the woman on top, and she is the active one; while the man is passive and on the bottom. That is a blatant *reversal* of natural gender polarity. Nature made males to be dominant and active and on top during sex. If you do it that way, it should be invigorating to the spirit, not draining at all.


  7. I’ve never been part of a ritual that includes sex, but I think sex can be used positively in ritual. That said, I would personally keep it a private ritual to be shared only with you and your partner.

  8. It really isn’t a left/right issue. Sex magic has been used in every culture on the planet with varying side effects and efficacy.

    I hope you are saying “just two adults of legal age capable and mutually committed to supporting and raising a child” in love. Pregnancy is a very natural and predictable aftermath of sex in rituals. Or, put another way, sex magic is also pregnancy magic. Don’t do the ritual if you aren’t ready to be raising children. The prospect of child support payments aren’t really covered in the ritual books. On the other hand, there are some folks who swear by it to select the sex and some of the characteristics of their children. And, I know some who impregnated or became pregnant who swear to this day that it was impossible. But, mix magic and sex, and pregnancy become not just possible but very likely. It wasn’t called fertility sex rituals for no reason.

    Practical issues aside, sex can be used to harness a lot of psychic power. It can be used for healing and harming like electricity. Unlike electricity, it is intimate and how it is used may remain connected to you and affect you in a similar manner to your or your partner’s intent. Boomerang effect happens. So, if only one person has a harmful intent, both persons may reap the consequences. Absolute trust is essential.

    There is also a risk of pulling too much energy (particularly from the male but also the female) in the process and causing mental health, physical health or psychic issues. It’s not enough to want to do something positive, one has to know what one is doing to achieve it. The voltage and amperage is high in sex magic and deserves your respect and caution. If you are going to do ritual magic, make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

    Then, there is another issue. If you are unlucky or careless, you can be wide open — too wide open — during the process and pick up a hitchhiker.

    Sex by itself without ritual can lead to some incredible psychic results if you are focused on that time and place and person rather than past or future. And, you have built in safeguards that keep it just between the two of you if you don’t try to manipulate the energies.

  9. you people are seriously not right in the head!!! its because people like you religion and cults thrive. i suggest suicide…take my advice for i am the chosen one

  10. I see no problems with it. It’s a natural and beautiful thing. I agree with Sabrina though, watch out for candles. Don’t want hot wax to get on you or whoever you are “worshiping” with lol. Unless you are into that.

  11. sex magic is a very powerful and very beneficial thing.

    and all this fluffy nonsense about committed monogamous relationships being the only valid vehicle for sex magic is pseudo-christian BS. it’s time to let go of the repression people. we’re humans, and not a naturally monogamous species. sex should always be approached with respect and informed consent, but limiting it beyond that is limiting its power.

    there’s no left or right in magic, either. there’s just magic. stuffing it into left/right, dark/light categories cuts it in half. you need both sides for a complete spell.

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