Auras and Kirlian Photography

A Pentagram that has absorbed some of the owner's aura
A Pentagram that has absorbed some of the owner’s aura

You don’t need any psychic powers to see auras but for those who are a bit sceptical (I used to be!) Kirlian Photograpy can show you some proof. It was discovered by the Russian scientists Semyon and Valentina Kirlian when they accidently touched camera film through an electrical current that had been generated by connecting two metal electrodes (small poles) to an electrical source. When the film was developed they saw a glow round the hand that they thought was the life force, what many call the aura of living things, but also things like crystals, rock, metal and minerals.

A Leaf that still 'remembered' part of it's aura, hours after the corner was cut off
A Leaf that still ‘remembered’ part of it’s aura, hours after the corner was cut off

Kirlian photography can show many things, from when a plant has a leaf cut off it remembers it in the aura for a few hours, or a sigil or jewellery kept near the body temporarily absorbs some of the owners aura.

Interestingly one photo I saw shows two people about to kiss, their auras have merged already. I compared this to another photo where two people who don’t like each other have their fingers close but the auras are keeping tightly away from each other.

Is Aura photography genuine?

Many people are skeptical about Aura photography when it is done of the head and shoulders.  Skeptic’s Dictionary explains that true Kirlian Photography is contact based, therefore the item must touch the camera for it to work.

What is the aura?

Auras are thought to be the emissions of photons of light, and tiny electrical currents that exist in the body.  This is what the aura is made of (although for more detailed info check this Wikipedia link), but the next question is, what does the aura signify?

What does the aura mean and what can Kirlian photography be used for?

Many believe auras can be used to diagnose illnesses in the body, and also to interpret moods, and give insights on people’s personality.  For instance a common colour for a spiritual teacher’s aura is yellow or gold.  Someone who is meditating is likely to emit a purple/pink aura.

As well as being able to show physical illnesses, they can also indicate energy blockages, which may be caused by emotional issues, among other things. It can also be used to show a before and after image of energy flows, when someone has had healing, to demonstrate the removal of energy blockages.

Kirlian Photography used to diagnose energy blockages
Kirlian Photography can be used to diagnose energy blockages

This photo, taken from Full Spectrum, shows one hand emitting a much weaker aura.  Full Spectrum explain the meaning:

‘there is more radiation on the left compared with the right suggesting more right (emotional) brain activity. Energy flow is restricted and needs a yang correction.

This can be interpreted as follows: The individual has a lot of ‘heart’ but is holding back emotionally, inhibiting their ability to express themselves freely. ‘

Interestingly, Kirlian photography can also be done on foods, to show the difference between organic and processed foods.

Although there is little scientific evidence to support it, many people believe and have experienced (including some I have met) that eating a raw food diet makes you feel much more healthy and alive, because the energy you are getting from your food is much stronger. Kirlian Photography supports this.

Aura from an organic bean sprout
Aura from an organic bean sprout
Aura from an organic lentil sprout cooked for 2-3 mins
Aura from an organic lentil sprout cooked for 2-3 min

As you can see, the lentil sprout on the right, which was blanched for only two minutes, has a much smaller aura, and this leads people to believe that there is much more nutrition and vital energy to be gained from the raw sprout.

Can you see auras without Kirlian Photography?

Yes! – With a little practice.  Although they do look a bit different when seen with the naked eye.  Part 2, how to see auras and more about what they mean!

What do you think about Kirlian Photography? Genuine or not?  Have you got a Kirlian Camera or tried it with a friend’s one?

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