How to do Candle Magick

Candle Magick (like most spells) can be as simple or as complex as you like.  Whilst putting a lot of effort into your spells is a good way to make them poewrful and successful, there is also a benefit to quick and easy spells, especially if you repeat them frequently say once a day for a specific length of time or maybe once a week for a particular length of time.  This might be useful if you are working with a particular day of the week – for instance Friday for love, passion and fertility spells.

The key points for candle magick are as follows:

  1. The colour of the candle.
  2. Any oil that you may use to anoint the candle.
  3. The magickcal symbols and sigils that you carve into the candle (such as the pentagram, triqetra etc).
  4. The god, goddess or other type of divinity (eg air, earth, water and fire spirits, angels, fairies etc) that you invoke or call when lighting the candle.
  5. Herbs that you sprinkle around the candle and into the flame (only a tiny bit into the flame don’t start a fire! :o)  You can also carve a hole in the bottom of the candle to put in herbs as well.
  6. The words you choose to say whilst meditating upon the candle
  7. The day of the week you do the spell on.
mixed bag of coloured spell candles
mixed bag of coloured spell candles

As with all magick it is pretty much all up to you, although choosing the right colour spell candles is essential.  However if you want to do a spell and find you do not have the right candle you can always use a white one as white is all purpose.  Alternatively why not stock up on an inexpensicve bag of mixed candles so you always have the right one handy!

Whichever way you choose to do your candle magick make sure you have fun and it feel right to you!


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