Why to buy your Wiccan Supplies and Jewellery with me!

Dear All

Apologies for the gap in blog posts, I have been doing exams for my MA in Anthropology, 13,000 words in two weeks argh! but its all over now thankfully! Recently I received some wonderful feedback from a lady in Australia, and it was so nice I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to it!  If, like Rochelle, you do have any questions or queries or need advice, please let me know as I can help! :o)

i came across storm jewels by chance but was immediately entranced. the store has such a beautiful range of items. i especially loved the jewellery, i saw so many incredible pieces that i had never seen before. i selected some truly amazing items and bought them. the buying experience was just wonderful. not only was the online shop easy to use, i found that the owner of the store was very helpful, kind and knowledgable. i have shopped online before and mostly it is a very inhuman affair. everything is done through the computer, without any human contact. customer service is more diffucult on the internet, but storm jewels gifts definitely has a high quality of customer service.

i was offered excellent advice and guidance and was treated with such genuine interest that is hard to come by in a real-life shop. storm jewels truly values the customers, not just as people that supply the money but as valued and appreciated guests. i was so impressed by the way that i was treated and really look forward to shopping in the store again. storm jewels makes online shopping a very human, warm experience!

and, of course, the items i bought were so lovely. they were of the very best quality and of a much better price then similar items i have seen. i am an international buyer and found that postage costs were exremely low and the items shipped so fast! over all, i would have to say that i would completely recommend storm jewels to anyone seeking a unique and special gift (for others or for yourself!), and assure you that the folks at storm jewels will give the very best service and advice. they are a wonderful store and i would wholeheartedly give them my recommendation.

Rochelle, Australia

Thanks Rochelle for your amazingly kind words, this is a glowing testimonial that I am proud to show :o)

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