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The human body is said to run on energy or is made up of pure energy. Thus in the human body itself lies seven energy points called chakras. These points are energy centers that send out signals through out the body in order to put it into motion and balance.

The seven chakras line up starting from the bottom of your spine all the way to the top of your head. They are also made up of seven colors much like the rainbow itself. Each point corresponds to a vital human thought and will such as survival, emotions, will power, love, communication, psychic abilities and wisdom. If any of these energy centers are blocked, it causes the other chakras to be over active or be under active, thus causing the body pain and illness and the mind turmoil and suffering.

The Seven Chakras

In many religions and in many schools of thought, chakras are given many different names. But they all boil down to energy flow in the mind, body and spirit. Understanding how each chakra works will help you balance them and make them work to their full potential.

Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine, at the tailbone

Color: Red

Element: Earth
Mantra: LAM (Laaaammm)

Energy Center of: Survival and stability

Cause of Blockages: Fear

Blockage Result: Fearfulness, back pain, arthritic pain, anxiety, loss of grounding, weight loss

Over activity: Obesity, materialism, controlling behavior

The Root Chakra, being the base chakra is the foundation for the stability and proper flow of energy in the body. When the root chakra is blocked fear results which causes anxiety and being worried all the time. Physical manifestations include back and limb pain and stiffness.

The Root Chakra also connects us to Mother Earth and it’s bounties. We need to invoke the spirit of the Earth in order to call balance into our Root Chakra. Activities such massage, acupuncture and yoga can help balance this point. Meditation is vital for it to function well.

Sacral Chakra

Location: Near the pubic bone, about two inches below the navel

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Mantra: VAM (Vaaaaam)

Energy Center of: Sexuality, creativity and emotions

Cause of Blockages: Guilt and sexual suppression

Blockage Result: Impotence, lack of libido, bladder and kidney issues, painful periods.

Over activity: Sexual addiction, vanity, clingyness, having erratic emotions.

The sacral chakra being related to our feelings of pleasure and sexuality as well as guilt is vital in order for us to function well. When the root chakra is unable to run well, it causes a person to feel distaste for sex or feel guilty about it. When we are children this chakra normally determines who we become as adults. Back then many parents also try to repress energies coming from this point. Over repression of the sacral energy may cause a passive aggressive tendencies. Many psychological disorders are rooted to imbalance in this energy point.

The Sacral Chakra is a fluid source of energy and thus water helps it be balanced. Salt baths and bathing in hot springs can help charge this chakra. Engaging in a balanced sexual activity that evokes happiness and pleasure can help the person as well to put this point in tune.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Abdominal area, about three inches about the navel.

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Mantra: RAM (Raaaaam)

Energy Center of: Will power, energy and metabolism

Cause of Blockages: Shame, improper diet

Blockage Result: Lack of will power and motivation, poor body image, sluggishness, indigestion, constipation and stomach pains

Over activity: Arrogance, inability to keep still, aggression, need for control, diarrhea, overeating

The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for the balance of our energy, drive and motivation. It helps us work well even under pressure and cope with different life situations. A balanced Solar Plexus allows a person to grow with age with acceptance with his or her body. He is able to focus on his work and feel motivated. He is also energetic and can engage in physical activity.

On the other hand, when this center is blocked, the person can experience physical symptoms like stomach problems as well as psychological issues such as stress and inability to concentrate with work. In order to balance this chakra the element of fire is needed. Eating warm food that warms up the body is needed. Exposing the body to heat such as going to the sauna is also advantageous. Mentally, doing sports and other challenging activities can help this chakra be more open.

Heart Chakra

Location: In the middle of your chest.

Color: Green

Element: Air

Mantra: YAM (Yaaaaam)

Energy Center of: Love, relationships, trust and body circulation

Cause of Blockages: Grief, sorrow and not getting enough oxygen

Blockage Result: Depression, melancholy, bitterness, apathy difficulty breathing and having heart ailments.

Over activity: Clingyness, jealousy, suspicion, high blood pressure and palpitations.

The Heart Chakra governs our feeling of kindness, love, care and compassion to others. It is the seat that pushes us to help those who are in need whether we know them or not. It is also the center that allows us to have selfless relationships which are healthy and thriving.

On the other hand, the heart chakra is one of the most fallible chakra sites. If mixed with negative energies it can a drive a person to be overly bitter, resentful, self centered and hateful. This can also result in being detached from others and being aloof.

Many health issues also stem from having emotional and mental blockages in the heart chakra. High blood pressure and heart problems are the most common issues that result from over or under activity of the heart. To make the heart chakra work better, breathing exercises such as yoga and qi gong are needed to promote a balance in both mind and body.

Throat Chakra

Location: In the middle of your neck, right where your vocal cords are.

Color: Blue

Element: Sound

Mantra: HAM (Haaaaam)

Energy Center of: Communication

Cause of Blockages: Lies, excessive smoking, smoking

Blockage Result: Low self esteem, inability to convey thoughts and emotions to words, poor body rhythm

Over activity: Arrogance, difficulty listening to others, stuttering and sore throats

The Throat Chakra helps us express our thoughts, feeling and emotions into words. The spoken word is very powerful. It can heal or would, build or destroy. One of the most amazing human capabilities is the gift of speech.

In order to balance the throat chakra meditative singing and chanting is needed. This would allow proper vibrations to flow into the energy points. The use of herbal cures such as ginger can also provide the warmth your throat chakra needs. Consuming too much sweets can also hinder it from functioning well.

Third Eye Chakra

Location: Between your eyebrows, in the lower middle part of your forehead

Color: Purple

Element: Light

Mantra: AUM (Ahhhhh ooooohhhh mmmmmm)

Energy Center of: Intuition and imagination, psychic abilities

Cause of Blockages: Illusion, lack of sleep, stress

Blockage Result: Nightmares, sleeplessness, poor eye sight, head aches

Over activity: Too much daydreaming, hallucinations, headaches, lack of focus

The Third Eye Chakra is the area responsible for our psychic abilities. Everyone has precognitive capabilities such as the ability to sense things in our dreams, in our gut feeling or in de javu. This also allows us to sense impending danger to forewarn us.

When the Third Eye Chakra is running well, you can enjoy good sleep, no nightmares, concentration at work and the ability to have good imagination. This energy point is very sensitive to light and dark signals such as from day and night. In order for it to function well, you need to have proper sleep and feel rested when you get tired. If you are unable to sleep well for days, weeks or months this part is normally blocked and vice versa can be blocked.

If you are suffering from sleeping problems, acupuncture and massage as well meditation can help you achieve that much needed sleep.

Crown Chakra

Location: On the very top of your head

Color: Indigo

Element: Thought

Mantra: ANG (aaaaannngggg)

Energy Center of: Spirituality, thought and wisdom

Cause of Blockages: Attachment (material, people, beliefs)

Blockage Result: Materialism, lack of morals and beliefs, lack of spirituality, headaches, anxiety, fear

Over activity: Over spirituality and lack of humanity, spiritual addiction, over intellectuality, confusion

The Crown Chakra is the source of thought and is the head of all the other chakras. It drives you to be sensible at all times. It is charged with wisdom and truth. It seeks truth. In order to balance the crown chakra, spiritual practices are needed. Meditation is much needed to communicate with the Universe. When you learn to let go and allow the crown chakra to focus on goodness and universal truth, then you can help it to blossom

The Crown Chakra also helps you manage your life beyond death and the life before you were ever born in this lifetime. It helps you know what you need to resolve in your past lives. If you truly want peace, you must clear this point in order to find that.

Learning about your chakras allow you to tune them and give them the healing they deserve. The chakras are much like flowers in your body, if they are overly exposed they die, if they are unexposed they die too. You may learn to balance them and tune them well in order for you to live happy and healthy. You mind, body and spirit calls you to attain that balance.

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