Learn about Japanese Culture – Aino Folktales, Reiki and Akitas!

I was doing some research today on elements of Japanese culture and discovered some lovely folktalkes, learnt more about the beautiful Akita dog, and wrote a little bit about Reiki Healing.

Think all dogs go woof woof? Not in Japan! Take a look at my article to find out more.  I’ve a great story that also tells you why dogs can no longer talk (a relief I think, I love dogs but if they could chat to you they might not be quite so great – I don’t think I’d be quite as interested in bones and dogs’ bums!)

I first became interested in Reiki Healing when I got really sick whilst travelling, after one session I felt SO much better, and more calm and peaceful than I ever have before or since, the lady must have been an incredibly powerful healer.  So click here to find out a little bit about what Reiki is and how it works, and to see some reiki jewellery and reiki meditations that are availbable in my shop.

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