Spell for How to Bless and Empower your Tattoo

My Dragon Tattoo
My Dragon Tattoo

As some of you may know, I have been in Cambodia volunteering at an community based ecotourism project, which aims to give money and benefits to the local community whilst helping preserve the elephants and the forest. This is the second time I have been to Cambodia and I really love it, and it was partly this that made me choose to get my first tattoo there.

I got two dragons forming a heart shape (based on the Anne Stokes Dragon Heart Pendant), and in the middle the Cambodian letter for ‘J’ which is the initial of my wonderful dog Jumble who passed away last year at the grand old age of 17. This simultaneously allowed me to express my love for my dog as well as Cambodia, in a form which reassures me, making me feel like Jumble is still with me in some way.

Tattoos are an amazing way of marking something powerful upon our bodies, the planning and even the pain of the tattoo contribute to the significance of the finished product. By blessing your tattoo you can add powerful energy to the tattoo, perhaps using it for protection, courage, or strength, and also as a way to keep linked to someone who is no longer here.

This spell has been written with honouring a dead loved one in mind, but can easily be adapted to suit your tattoo.

  • Wait for a new moon (when the moon is at it’s smallest)
  • Buy or make some holy or blessed water
  • Bring a black and a white candle (symbolising the cycle of life and death)
  • Bring some incense (Ideally Frankincense for it’s ability to bless, purify, aid meditation and give power and courage)
  • Get some Frankincense oil to anoint yourself with
  • If applicable take a photo or keepsake of the dead loved one you would like to honour

Go to a quiet place, light your candles and incense and sprinkle your holy water around you saying, I bless and consecrate this space. Meditate for a few minutes upon the keepsake or photo of your loved one. Think clearly of your intention, in this case for the tattoo to be a bond to my dog, and also to give me strength and courage in my everyday life.

The ouroboros or uroboros (/?j??r??b?r?s, ?j??ro?-/, from the Greek ????????? ???? tail-devouring snake) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.
The ouroboros or uroboros (/?j??r??b?r?s, ?j??ro?-/, from the Greek ????????? ???? tail-devouring snake) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

Take the essential oil and add a few drops to your holy water. If you have an wand you may wish to stir the water with it, but if not just using your finger is fine. Then anoint your tattoo with a holy symbol. (Make sure it is fully healed first or the oil could irritate the tattoo!) I have chosen ouroborous for it’s connotations with life, death and rebirth, and also with it’s links for healing. The picture shows the ouroborous snake interweaved with a pentagram which is beautiful, but as my tattoo is on my back I will just do a circle!

“Oh high ones hear my call

Grant that this sacred and powerful

Marking upon and within my body

Be consecrated in honour of my loved one ………(insert name here)**

As a sign of our never ending bond

As a talisman of courage and power”

At this point think about the sign you have anointed your tattoo with, and if a loved one signified by the tattoo, think of them too, and imagine a part of their spirit flowing into the ink. If the tattoo is not of a loved one but perhaps a totem animal or something, imagine this thing coming partly to life on your body, drawing down energy from the new moon.

As you are filled with energy, begin to chant..

“Fill me with your magickal power

Your love, your truth, and courage at this hour

Bring me strength, bring me protection

Guide me in the right direction”

Repeat this a few times till you feel sufficient energy has flowed into you and your tattoo, finish by saying

“To seal this tattoo as symbol of eternity and love

I ask this favour from above. So mote it be!”

The spell is finished and now you can feel happy in the knowledge that you have added to the power and meaningfulness of your tattoo, as well as perhaps strengthened a bond with a loved one.

I’d love it if anyone would like to share a picture of any special tattoo that they have had done, please feel free to post a link to your pic, or if you’d like me to put it directly in the article let me know and I will!



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