Make your own spells – magickal correspondences

Phases of the Moon For Spells
Phases of the Moon For Spells

Making a spell from scratch is a great way to create something really powerful, but to do this, its best to use the correct magickal correspondences, such as finding out which day of the week is best for your particular spell, which colour candle to use, how to choose incense for your spell, and what part of the lunar cycle to do it on.

To make this easier I created a page with all these spell correspondences on it, you can find it here!

Not only can you find out about magickal correspondances but also lots of tips about how to craft a spell and how to make it effective.  I really welcome feedback and suggestions so if you think that I have missed things out or have any ideas on improving what I have written then please do comment or email me.

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See the Spell Correspondences

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  1. People seem to have the most trouble with basic spell construction and learning when they should be doing their magickal workings.

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