Text a psychic service now open!

Hey all


My Psychic Email Readings site is doing pretty well and we have been getting very good feedback. Me, Maria and Evie have been getting many orders for a 500 word reading, 1000 word or 1500 word email readings. I also do Love compatibility report for those who need know if their stars are lined up with someone.

Now for those looking for an indepth look into the coming 12 months, they can get a look by ordering a 12-Month Astrology Report from me. In connection to that they can also get an indepth psychic advice, tarot card reading and numerology from Maria.

On the other hand, I also provide a quick and easy way for those who are in the UK to get a one question, one answer text reading!

Why might you need psychic advice by text?

You want to know if:
You will be famous or your band will be signed
Your crush likes you back
If you can trust someone
If you should take that job or look for a new path in life
Where to meet that special person
You will be rich

Or any other question that comes to mind! For a detailed reading its best to order from our site, but for a bit of fun or a quick answer, send my text team a message – please visit my psychic readings website for more details or to try some free online mini readings, yoga lessons, what method of divination is best for you, feng shui tutorial and more!

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