Symbolic & Pagan Jewellery

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CruxCroix for Protection on Life's Journey
CruxCroix for Protection on Life’s Journey

Symbolic jewellery has long been worn, both in the days when it meant everything to the wearer, a protective charm or a pendant that would ward off evil spirits and nowadays when pendants are often worn with little understanding of the long history and mythology that surrounds the item. Everything from crosses to Pagan symbols and foreign letters are used to adorn wearers often with comic results if the wearer accidentally meets someone who does understand the meaning.

There are those who still wear jewellery with a full understanding of what it means though and especially with the use of the internet, research possibilities have extended allowing those with an interest in the topic to follow it and meet other enthusiasts online. Nowadays a new market for symbolic jewellery has re-emerged demonstrating a passion for all sorts on Pagan imagery.

Anubis for Guidance on Life's Journey
Isis for Protection of the Earth

The Egyptians have long had some of the world`s most beautiful jewellery, ever since Cleopatra would swathe herself out in the jewels of a kingdom before meeting her people or guests. The vast array of costly and elaborate Egyptian jewellery that she is documented to have worn is testament to the fact that the culture has made some of the most beautiful pieces in the world.

There are various symbols that are iconic to Egyptian culture, both symbolising the culture itself in representations of the sphinx and pyramids and reflecting the ancient mythology with images of gods, symbols of power and ancient stories.

Thor's Hammer for Courage and Strength
Thor’s Hammer for Courage and Strength

The Nordic culture is perhaps one of the most misunderstood in history but modern day Viking symbols do a great deal to reflect the diverse culture as well as the fierce warriors that came out of this land. Often overshadowed by the image of the fierce Viking warrior thirsty for his enemy`s blood, the Nordic culture was one that celebrated many things as well as warfare.

There is a vast amount of symbolism in the culture and the range of jewellery being developed with this symbolism in mind is reflecting this. There are various stories that go with every symbol and pendant, from the tale of Thor`s hammer to that of the serpent that grew so big it could surround the entire sea. Both of these stories result in an attractive and symbolic pendant that echoes of a long past and mythology.

Dragon Athame for Manifestation of Thought
Dragon Athame for Manifestation of Thought

Dragon jewellery is likewise becoming incredibly popular, primarily developing out of Eastern cultures and tales, this nevertheless is a creature whose mythology and history has been influenced by a vast number of cultures and stories. The Welsh flag itself has an image of a dragon on it and ancient British culture is strongly influenced by tales of dragons and dragon hunts.

Dragon pendants and symbols are supposed to invest the wearer with many of the attributes of the dragon itself so power, strength, protection, courage, long life and luck are amongst the many benefits bestowed by the symbolism. Added to this of course the jewellery is highly attractive and can make for beautifully elaborate ornaments. Dragon pendants are a particularly good gift to buy friends for Christmas and Winter Solstice, especially when you explain all these benefits and since we are already buying Christmas cards it is probably about time to start thinking about gifts too.

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