Daily Mail Slanders Druids – We Protest!

Last week, Melanie Philips of the Daily Mail wrote a very unfair, bigoted and plain old ridiculous article about Druids, saying amongst other silly things, that Druids cannot be classed as part of a religion and that only the Judeo-Xtian tradition brings morals! I wont actually link to the page as don’t want to give that rag tag paper any popularity in google’s eyes!

Druid Petition Hand In
Druid Petition Hand In

(People against religious intolerance unite! If your curious, I’m the one with the red hat!)


This right wing Jewish reported is no stranger to controversy, and I was alerted to her name twice in one week.  There’s a bomb factory in brighton (EDO) which has been illegally supplying bombs to Israel, and so several protestors got inside and smashed it up but were found not guilty of criminal damage as they were acting as decommissioners of illegal warcrimes.  Phillips decreed that this meant they were anti-semetic, erm what??

Anyway within hours of the bigoted article about druids, hundreds of scathing and offended comments were posted from Pagans and non-Pagan’s alike.  A petition was created and in a few days there were about 4500 signatures.

The horn is sounded
The horn is sounded to mark our arrival at the Daily Mail offices
King Arthur the Druid
King Arthur and James Sunbird Carrington

On Monday I met with Druids and non Druids who like me were offended at this religious intolerance, and we went to the Daily Mail offices to hand in the petition, and then to the Press Complaints Commission (and then to the pub! :o)  It was great to meet fellow Pagans and notable faces like James Sunbird Carrington and King Arthur of the Arthurian Warband were there.  Arthur is currently picketing at Stone Henge for the return of ancient bones (something which I wrote about recently, tho in a different place) taken by a university, and also for a general change in the law that gives ancient graves more protection.  It’s funny how no-one would dream of desecrating recent graves, but apparently doing it to ancient ones is ok!

Anyway the PPC (Press Complaints Commision) is currently investigating the complaint and I will update you when I have more news!

James Sunbird Carrington was the organiser of the petition – He is among other things, an author and Druid and you can check out his blog here

Find out more about the Arthurian Warband and the campaign to restore the Guardian Bones here

Arthur looking Angelic!
Arthur looking Angelic!

Have you read the infamous article? What are your thoughts?

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