Dragons of the World Unite!

Greetingssz! My name iz Calcifer and I am StormJewel’s baby pet dragon. You may have seen me lazing on the fireplace of her shop, or if I am feeling mischevious waiting on a chair so that an unsuspecting visitor may feel my flame on their behind! Jusst kidding! My mistress wouldn’t let me do that even if I could and at the moment I’m still a bit little to breathe fire! Anyway I told mum that there jusst wazn’t enough Dragon Stuff going on here, so she has written an article about my cousins from around the world, plus shows you some pictures from Dragon Tarot cards and my favourite items in her store – the Dragon Figurines. So if you want to learn more about us wonderful dragon creatures – click here . Farewell for now – come visit me soon and bring some chilli firebball sweets, my fave!

thanks to Daniela Kufner for this image

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