Mindfulness Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra

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Practicing mindfulness and awareness is not necessarily the same for everyone. This guided meditation with Dr. Chopra is an exercise in mindfulness based meditation practice. The calming images achieve a rhythm inline with the music that accompanies you throughout the meditation. You can devote as little or as much time to your meditation practice as your comfortable with, and as the video shows you can practice mindfulness anywhere. We hope you enjoy this mindfulness guided meditation with Dr. Deepak Chopra and invite you to subscribe to the Wild Divine or add us as a friend.
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9 thoughts on “Mindfulness Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra”

  1. Meditation is so powerful that we did a video about a depressed man who finds home
    through spirituality,meditation and helping others .

  2. Thanks for the feedback, we’re so happy that the videos have inspired and relaxed you. Namaste

  3. I doubt when he provide some CD with pricing it. I mean it is nature or the law of nature to look back as outside in. It should be free. As I am buddhism Dhamma is for everyone and no any charge.

  4. I have been reading about mindfulness and meditation, and although have been practicing my meditation course, I still find myself unable to focus sometimes, especially when I am under pressure. Before I started meditating, I used to think that I have been living life mindlessly, doing things merely because it has been my routine for my whole life. I seriously enrolled in a meditation class aiming to change my perspective in life and be more aware of myself and thus improve the life I am living. I questioned whether I will be able to attain the state of “inner peace” by being mindful, but now I can say I am very close to living a life of balance and control. Through meditation, I am able to isolate emotion, and with practice I have been able to identify what triggers my emotions and judgment. Practicing mindfulness and meditation has allowed me to live a life of calmness and although I sometimes go astray, I always try to bring myself back to being focused and aware.

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