Crystals for Healing

Fleur de Venus – Rose Quartz Pendant for Peace and Understanding

There are many ways to heal yourself, from visualisation to meditation or Reiki, but a powerful assistant can be a crystal or gemstone. Crystals are great for healing as they vibrate with concentrated energies inside them – hence why quartz is useful in watches. But before you can use the gemstone you need to learn how to activate it and what to do with it. In my shop you can see a great selection of crystals for healing, and what the properties of each stone are, I have lots of gift sets that use a combination of crystals to heal you more holistically (for instance to cure insomnia you can have a crystal to clear the mind, one to relax the body, one to ease anxiety etc), or as a general rule Crystal Quartz, sometimes known as rock crystal, is the master healer, generally boosting immune system and helping most ailments. Take a look at my article to see easy step by step instructions for activating and using crystals.

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