Pagans call for reburial of ancient bones

Take a look at this video on BBC News (its about 8 mins) for the latest bit of Pagan news.

“Pagan groups are increasingly asking for human remains and grave goods from pre-Christian burials to be returned to the ground, and their voices are being taken increasingly seriously in the museum world.”

Apparently there are many human remains kept in museums that appear to have little or no historical use and Pagans are asking that they be reburied along with ceremonies which the whole town can enjoy together.  It’s an interesting video even if Pagans are being homogenised somewhat, not all Pagans care about ancient bones as the article suggests! And I had to laugh when the report started off by saying ‘Pagans are not used to be taken seriously’ ha ha.  Worth a watch tho!

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Celtic Paganism and the Tree of Life

Learn more about Celtic Paganism…

Celtic Paganism
Celtic Paganism and the Tree of Life

One of the great things about Paganism is that aside from the rule of hurting noone and trying to be the best person you can be, there are no hard and fast rules.  What this means is that you can incorporate deities, rituals myths and more from any tradition you like! Most Pagans do worship some gods and goddesses from the Ancient Celts and some Pagans are exclusively Celtic Pagans. Cerridwen or Brigit (Welsh and Irish names respectively) is one of the most popular Celtic Pagan goddesses. The Sabbats of Imbolc, Beltane, Samhain and Lughnasadh are all directly derived from Celtic tradition.

Celtic knotwork diamond for Wealth
Celtic knotwork diamond for Wealth

Much of Pre-Christian Celtic knowledge has been lost, and most of what we have comes to us through myths, poetry and legends, and this really allows even greater freedom for you to interpret and take what you like from them.  I’ve got lots of lovely Silver Celtic Jewellery at the shop as well as some great books on the Celts and Celtic Paganism, and I’ve just created a new squidoo lens all about Celtic Paganism and also about the Tree of Life which is a popular symbol in many Northern Traditions, and I’ve discussed a little of the Norse history behind it.  Please take a look and tell me what you think!

Blessings xx

Celtic Woman at Hastings
Beautiful Celtic Woman at Hastings