Free stuff!

I’ve got loads of lovely free wicca, magick and mystic stuff for you!

Articles – learn more about the tarot, crystal balls, the green man and much more! Go to the home page and scroll down or take a look at the posts on the left hand side of the screen

Free online games – check out my selection of free magick games, I’ve got a lovely rpg style game, puzzle games and more!

Free Numerology Books Download to guide you in learning Numerology

Free Quick Numerology Reading – Tells you your life plan number and how this affects your personality.

Free online meditation – a Free Guided Meditations by Deepak Chopra

Free Tarot Card Reading. Рfrom my own site!!! Visit my site and also get to know my psychics!

Enjoy!! ;o)

3 thoughts on “Free stuff!”

  1. I am a single mother with no job at the moment and would gr8ly appreciate a free Wicca kit if at all possible..
    I have certain gifts that other people don’t understand and I really could use a little help if you know what I mean..

  2. Hi! As of the moment StormJewel is traveling and I’m her assistant Jema. Unfortunately now we don’t have the Wicca kits available. But you may set up a simple one on your own.

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