Viking Symbols and Pagan Jewellery

I love Viking symbols because they are filled with beautiful imagery and the powerful stories and mythology from the Norse culture.  Here are some of my favourite Viking signs and symbols that have also been made into gorgeous Pagan jewellery.

Jorgmugand and the Sunwheel

Jormugand is a sea serpent that was one of the three children of Loki and his wife the giant Angrboda.  Jormugand was growing very quickly and this made the other gods nervous, so one day Odin decided to throw him into the sea.

Viking Symbol - Sunwheel and Jormugand
Viking Symbol – Sunwheel and Jormugand

This didn’t really do much as Jormugand grew bigger and bigger until he was able to surround the whole world and grasp his own tail, and because of that he earned the name Midgard Serpent or World Serpent.

Jormugand can be found deep in the ocean where he bites himself in the tail, and we are all caught in the coils of his tail.  In many ways then, this Viking symbol stands for the concept of eternity, or perhaps the cyclical nature of life, on the other hand we are still left with a feeling of uncertainty (no fluffy happy endings in Viking mythology!) since the story goes that if he lets go of his tail we will all die, and when the universe ends, Jormugand and his arch enemy Thor will fight to the death.

However this symbol can be made less dark in the way it is shown in the pendant on the right – Jormugand circling the Sunwheel.

The Sunwheel is a very sacred symbol which can be found on rock carvings and ancient jewellery from the Norse times. The sunwheel symbolises how important sun is to farming and agriculture, and so added to Jormugand really does represent the cyclical nature of life.


Thor’s Hammer

Thor's Hammer
Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s hammer, known as Mjollnir, is the hammer (sometimes depicted as an axe or club) of the fearsome god Thor, and was a very popular pendant in ancient times, since many ancient hammer jewellery pieces have been found.

This mightily powerful weapon is even capable of leveling mountains and so becomes a wonderful way of symbolising strength, both inner and outer, and also precision, since using Mjollnir meant that Thor would never fail in his aim.

Other magickal qualities of the Hammer meant that Thor could throw it and always find it again, and also he could make it so small that he could hide it in his Tunic if he wanted to.  Having a small pendant then, that you can display or hide under your clothes, seems very fitting!

Thor was a particularly popular god for medieval Scandinavians and many ancient pendants of his hammer have been found, and is now an important figure for many Pagans.

The Hammer of Thor was also worn by people as a way to outwardly display their Pagan faith and as to show their opposition to Christianization.  Many people also practiced syncretic beliefs, meaning the combining of two or more religions, and moulds of a combined cross and hammer have been discovered.  This can be seen in the Wolf’s Cross which was a famous Icelandic pendant, worn by both Pagan Vikings and Christians.



Eagershelm aka Aegishjalmur
Eagershelm aka Aegishjalmur

Aka Aegishjalmur – aka “helm of awe’.  This Viking symbol was used for protection, particularly in battle.  It was originally a helmet won by Sigurd when he killed the dragon Fafner, but for the Viking people it was not actually used as a helmet, instead this symbol would be worn over the forehead, maybe scratched into the inside of the helmet, or even drawn on the head using blood or spit.

A warrior about to go into battle would press Aegishjalmur against his head (or draw it on) and say ‘I bear the Helm of Awe’, giving him power and strength in battle, both mentally and physically.

There are also other ways of using and conceptualising Eagershelm, for instance it can be used to put fear into the minds’ of enemies or even to calm the fear in yourself.

Elhaz - Norse Rune

Further magic can be found in the Aegishjalmur, in the way that runes are hidden inside the symbol, particularly the rune Elhaz which can be also be used for protection, and is thought to symbolise an elk’s horns – a powerful symbol of self protection.


Elhaz keeps in good energies and helps to repel the bad, making it ideal for creating a sacred space or even pushing away negative energy and negative people. This rune can be found eight times over at the ends of spokes of this sign, but also eight times more within the spokes itself, making Aegishjalmur an incredibly powerful viking symbol.


I hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to share your favourite things from Norse symbolism.  For more Viking Symbols and Handmade Jewellery, please visit my shop! Or read this article to find out how to magickally charge your jewellery.

How to magickally charge your jewellery & talismans

I’m sometimes asked if my pendants are magickally charged. Whilst I believe that symbols that have been used for a long time, gather significance, and a magick of their own, the pendants do not come precharged by a person.

So in this blog post I’m going to tell you how to magickally charge your own Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist or other alternative jewellery and symbols.

  1. Mermaid and Dolphin for Harmony and Happiness

    First, think about what it is you want the talisman to help you with. For instance, if you have the Mermaid and Dolphin for Harmony and Happiness you may just want overall happiness and harmony, or perhaps you have a particular situation that you want happiness and harmony to come to, such as your family life

  2. Think of a positive way to state your intention, for general happiness you could say:
    “This pendant brings harmony and happiness into my life.”
  3. For a particular situation such as family life, you could say:
    “This pendant brings harmony and happiness to my family life.”
  4. Next, find out the magickal correspondances that match your desire – ie the best day of the week to do the spell, the correct colours and so on.
    In this case you would pick:

    Friday, as it is associated with family, harmony and friendship
    The Waxing Moon: Because you want to attract harmonious energies
    Lilac: as it is associated with inner healing, calmness and tranquility OR
    Light Blue
    : for its associations with peace and harmony
  5. High Celtic Cross Charm for Guidance and Protection

    Get a spell candle in your chosen colour.

  6. Make or get some blessed water to cleanse and purify the pendant, leaving it ready for you to imprint your magickal charge.
  7. You may wish to get herbs to add extra power to the spell, in this case Aniseed, Jasmine Flowers or Meadowsweet would work well.
  8. I highly recommend getting or making some incense as fragrances have a very powerful effect on our subconscious.  Jasmine, Lavender, Rose and Orange are all connected with happiness and peace. Vanilla is for granting wishes and promotes a positive vibe


Ok, now you have all the equipment and preparation you need to magickally charge your pendant. Now it’s time to begin.


  1. Light your candle and incense.
    Step 2 is optional, but something I find really helps to add power to spells.
  2. Wheel of Taranis Charm for Strength and Courage

    To raise magickal energy I like to cast a sacred circle, then stand in the middle, taking deep breaths and imagining my self rooting into the ground like a tree.  Then I stretch my hands upwards and imagine they are reaching up to the sky.  Hopefully you will begin to feel energy flowing through you, but don’t worry if you don’t.  You can then imagine a circle of swirling energy growing in strength between your outstreched arms.

  3. Now that you have raised your energy, get your blessed water.  If you have some herbs you can mix them into the water.
  4. Sprinkle some of your blessed water on the talisman and say three times

    “I cleanse, bless and consecrate this pendant”
  5. Take your jewellery in your hand and stare at your candle, repeating your intention.  Imagine the positive energy flowing into your pendant.  Try to visualise the successful achievement of your pendant helping you, whether that is having happy times with your family, generally enjoying life or whatever
  6. Keep doing this until you feel the pendant is charged.
  7. Finally say:
    ‘An it harm none, so mote it be!’
  8. Close your sacred circle if you opened one, and now you are done!


Your pendant is now magickally charged, all you have to do now is wear it regularly, the more you wear it the more attuned to you, and thus the stronger it will become.

I hope you enjoyed this article, as with everything, these are just suggestions, so if you feel like changing something or doing something differently, then give it a go!

Let me know how it goes and please leave your comments below!

StormJewel x

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