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Well if you are like me you will like a bit of Magickal adventure! If it’s a nice day then we can head over the the Faraway tree and see what Magick land is at the top (see the about stormjewel page!)- but if not then why not immerse yourself in the Magickal world of StarBlazer, test your spell casting skills in the Magick Touch Knight and Castle Game

NEW – Check out my new game room with super cute free online games including Starbound (help a little star get back to space) 30 days honey (make some sweet honey for Mr Honey himself) and much more!

You’ll need Flash to play these games.

ps The Magick Touch Knight and Castle game has the sound turned on – you can turn it off by scrolling down and clicking on the music note.

Happy Gaming!


The game is a mixture of RPG storytelling and Bejeweled-type combat mechanics. The game tells a story of Kaven, young boy, who sets off on a long voyage to become a student of Sanxion Magic Academy far in the corners of inland mountain chain. There are many dangers on his way: animals, monsters – both fantastic and undead,… (more) and many rogues and rednecks who might feel urge for contents of his purse. But upon reaching Sanxion, Kaven finds that what he thought was the end, is just only the beginning…

Magick Touch and Castle Game

Help the wizard defend the castle from the evil knights by casting spells to pop their balloons!

How to Play – hold down the left mouse button and draw the symbol above the scary creature to make him go away!

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