What psychic sites don’t want you to know + 1/2 price readings!


Find out what most psychic sites don’t want you to know…

Including how to get half price readings! (Expires 15th April 2011!)

Hi there, StormJewel (aka Louisa) here!

If you’ve ever had or thought of having a psychic reading by phone, there’s THREE very important things you really should know.

Chances are, if you did a search on Google for ‘psychic readings’ or something similar, you got results from some of the big ‘psychic companies’ who’ve got tons of psychics and promise you the world.

These companies have a big advertising budget, and lots of money to spend paying internet gurus to get their site to the top of Google – ok, well what’s wrong with that I hear you ask?

Nothing, except here’s the

FIRST thing they don’t want you to know…


Because of their size, many of these big psychic companies do not bother to actually test their readers to find out if they are genuine, nor do they have any kind of personal relationship with them.

These companies rely on getting lots of new customers, and so are not too worried about the quality of their readers.

Psychic advice from gifted and genuine psychics can be a great way to get through any troubles or confusions in your life BUT I know there’s a lot of low quality psychic sites out there.

So what can you do?


The answer is to find a smaller site with integrity that is passionate about providing excellent psychic readings and helping people, and has a team of amazing readers.


Here’s where I come in (and I’m getting to the SECOND thing that the other sites don’t want you to know!)


Because I truly enjoy helping people (don’t take my word for it – check my shop feedback for nice stuff people have said about me), and because I need some extra money so I can volunteer in Cambodia, I decided it was time to start my own psychic site.

I’ve searched long and hard for the best psychics that I can find, and have gathered a small psychic team that are really and truly amazing. (I know this because they have been rigorously tested and already have great feedback from previous readings).


Ok here it is, the…


SECOND thing they don’t want you to know…


Right now, I’m offering half price psychic readings from my gifted and genuine team.


So its just £15 for a 20 minute reading, instead of the usual £30


And if you take a 30 min reading, its now only £22.50 instead of the usual £45.



Since my readers are so talented, I believe they deserve to be paid well, and so after those costs, plus those to run my phone line and website, I will make almost no profit from anybody who decides to take up this offer.

So why would I offer something so crazy??

Because unlike the big companies who rely on many new customers, I know that the best way forward for me and my psychic team, is for you to see for yourself just how good and empathetic my psychics are.

Whether you tell a friend, come back for more guidance when needed, or just write us an amazing testimonial (and we’d love to hear your feedback!), we stand to benefit, and so do you.

I’d rather make no profit for now, but prove to as many people as possible just how great my psychics are, because we’re in it for the long run!


And finally, the..


THIRD thing they don’t want you to know…

The key to getting an accurate, insightful and meaningful reading is not only to have a talented psychic, but also to make a good connection with the right reader.

Unlike the big psychic companies, I can have a personal relationship with my readers, and so provide detailed info about their personalities and skills.

StormJewel's Psychic Readings


This means you have all the information you need to pick the best reader for you.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to choose a reader yourself or want some help, my excellent receptionist Linda, knows my psychics inside out, and is great at helping you pick the right reader for you and your situation.

Here’s one of my wonderful psychics, Rachel – she is empathetic, friendly, and very talented.


My excellent psychic Rachel
My excellent psychic Rachel

Rachel is an enthusiastic reader specializing in love and relationship readings.

She also reads tarot cards and offers empathy and guidance in times of emotional difficulty. Rachel also offers career readings & spirit readings. She always looks at a situation as a whole and her guides will show her how others are feeling around you which can really help with specific problems. Rachel also offers past life readings. Find out more about Rachel…



30 days to try us out for a bargain price!

This half price offer is for a limited time only – just 30 days!

Whilst my metaphysical shop has been around for much longer, StormJewel’s Psychic Readings is a pretty new site (only a few months on the web, though much longer in planning!)

I’m confident that once people have had a chance to see just how good we are, our name will spread, and so there will be no need for me to make a crazy offer like this again.

So please see for yourself, save lots of money (up to £22.50!) and..

Call us today for an amazing reading on 0843 218 9642

Or take a look at my gifted readers to find out more!

Please do also check out the terms and conditions below! :o)


StormJewel (aka Louisa)

StormJewel’s Psychic Readings


Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter (on our website homepage) or give your email address to my receptionist Linda, to find out about future special deals and freebies such as a free personalised astrological report and free phone readings!



ps. Some Important Terms and Conditions – Please Read


I’ll try to keep it short, :-) but please note that:

1. The half price offer applies to the pay by card line only
(debit & credit cards accepted)
I can only offer one half price reading per person.
3. Please be aware that when you come to the end of your prepaid and booked minutes, you will be notified.

Any extra minutes after this will be charged at the standard rate of £1.50 p/m.


4. Calls to our 0843 reception number are charged at 5p a minute, you will only be on this line to get the phone number of your chosen psychic, then you will be given a uk landline number to call.


Any questions? Please feel free to email me or give us a call!


0843 218 9642


Thanks for reading! :-)

StormJewel x

StormJewel's Psychic Readings

2 thoughts on “What psychic sites don’t want you to know + 1/2 price readings!”

  1. I think most of the bigger companies tend to be spam. I think it is dangerous to trust in these fradulent companies and one should seek the help of genuine people with genuine psychic powers.

  2. Thanks for your comment, I totally agree, one of the very famous sites out there that I won’t name but goes by a female name, promises a free reading by email. What ‘she’ actually sends is a big long email telling you that you are cursed but if you pay her you will not be cursed and also win the lottery! How ridiculous and what a way to take advantage of vulnerable people! If anyone ever receives something like this then please ignore it.

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